What Pushes Your Buttons? - Ariana Ost

What Pushes Your Buttons?

Hello Hello,

 Our newest button pusher designs got me thinking on a deeper level...
Who or what pushes your buttons?
We all have trigger points... We are human and can easily let our shadows get the best of us. We can operate from a place of tension or fear. If we are sensitive about specific topics... when someone says something, or if we see something it can set off a major button pushing response. Sometimes we over react but it can be viewed as a form of expressive relief. Sometimes button pushing brings to light what is buried within and needs to be addressed.
 These designs made me come to the realization that there can be a more beautiful way to the process... We can create new associations... For example if I know something may cause stress i.e touching a germy surface, answering a certain call, hearing a lecture from a loved one... I have a visceral response. If I view my new beautiful tool as a reminder to have a positive or grateful reaction to triggers maybe it would change my overall vibration and response.
Now I am so excited to carry or wear these stunning button pushers made with so much love to make you marvel or smile when pressing the elevator, touching the atm machine or whatever you come in contact with. I am reconditioning my mental patterns and loops I fall into at the same time... with these visual reminders!
Give it a try... reprogram your brain to be positive, bring your mind back to wellness, and find gratitude in your heart! We are giving you the heart and key into wellness actions and thinking patterns with our design work!

Sending positive energy your way,


Push your buttons safely and in style... 


We offer the button pushers in two designs the modern heart and the crystal grid key motif... we have them as necklaces or as key chains to clip onto your bag, keys, or favorite necklace!! There are different crystal options and offerings... see the choices to learn more and choose which variation and stone most resonates with you!

More newness of ours keeps dropping on Free People - their holiday photopgraphy is just the best!

See our large selenite bowl that comes with a pouch of 7 healing crystals... Selenite is a charging crystals and is a great place to store and recharge your crystals! Set intentions with each of your crystals and feed those with positive energy!

Also see our stunning clear quartz and brass mask chain!

The zodiac ornaments look so good and have been getting great reviews and selling out do quickly on FP...

This week we prioritized photography! We brought in our favorite lifestyle photographer to shoot some new shots and bring the collection to life. My daughter also a budding photographer brought out her pink digital camera to shadow the process... We also sent out some new design samples to get better quality still web e-comm photos... so you can see and marvel at all the details that make each piece so special!


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