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Ariana Ost - Wellness, Yoga, Healing Crystals and Décor

Amplify the Power of Crystal Healing

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Attune yourself with sound healing kits...

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Intentions are the precursors that lead us to action.

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Jewelry for your table

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Healing Crystal

Mask Chains

Delicate golden mask chains made with healing crystals. When worn down it looks like a NECKLACE when worn up and mask is on it looks like EARRINGS! Perfect piece to wear with your mask of choice and have handy when needed. Jewelry approach to design for a functional item. Make protective gear into a bejeweled statement. *Mask not included*

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Crystal Infused Hand Sanitizer

Take matters into your own hands… feel joy in taking action to cleanse and protect with positive energy. Enjoy the visually pleasing beauty of watching crystals float around in this bottle. Handmade with love at our design studio in New York City.

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Jewelry For your Table

Design your table as a stage with a shining and gilded aesthetic. Set the experience to be all the more luxurious, romantic, and special, with Ariana Ost.

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