Resistance vs Flow in your life... - Ariana Ost

Resistance vs Flow in your life...

Hello Hello,

I have been thinking about flowing with life versus resisting life.

Our minds get very attached to how we think things are supposed to be... so if unexpected events occur or things do not play out according to your mind's plan we can experience disappointment, frustration and remorse. If we stay fully immersed in the present moment unattached to outcomes we can thrive.

Resisting your life is thinking at every turn its not supposed to be this way, this shouldn't be happening, why me, poor me, how come... with a mindset like this you are always in opposition with yourself.

Flowing with your life is following the natural sequence of events and embracing them. This is where the expertise of resilience and adaptability come into play. 

For a long time after losing my mother I was so stuck, I was scared of time moving forward after that moment... I wanted to hit pause at age 25 when the best of my own personal life was yet to come.

After getting married circumstances led me to start my own business and have a messy parting with a past family business. It was very traumatic on so many levels. I pushed through and after doing much needed soul searching I swam to the surface and found new perspective.

Now I have rewired my brain to see challenges as opportunities, suffering as enlightenment, existing as winning.

Celebrate that you are here... and showcase your you-ness and make the world a more beautiful place with your unique energetic imprint.

Embrace surprises and go with the flow... Change is the only constant!

This morning after dropping my daughter off at school I was marveling at the spring trees in central park. I saw so much greenery and thought all of these leaves are brand new, regrown... If I were a tree I may think my old leaves were so beautiful, how can I let them go? This process again? Take tons of nutrients and light to regrow leaves when they were here less than a year ago? Or I may think - I have another chance, hope, light, love around me let me create beauty for nature's sake... contribute oxygen to the planet. Tree's are so inspiring, rooted, reborn every year and standing tall always springing forward!
Sending positive energy your way,

Iconic garden best sellers from our collection... be inspired to curate your own herb garden at home - outdoors or indoors! 

We cast herbs from the local NYC farmers market and turned them into brass metal. We created these herb markers to beautify your garden experience and showcase natures beauty. These three dimensional pieces embody the essence of live herbs and elevate the experience using brass material versus the typical plastic garden markers. I love the texture of the herbs maintained by our jewelry approach to design.
I literally can’t get over these. I have always been fascinated with biodynamic farming using crystals - now we have paired greenery with crystals. Air plants do not require soil so are not messy and easy to maintain. Oxygenate the air of your space with these little green powerhouses. Add magic from the earth plants and crystals to elevate the energy around you. Marvel at their beauty with this jewelry approach to design! Bonus you can also use these for candles! 

Obsessed with air plants - we got them in by the carton load and cannot wait to continue designing amazing creations with them. Nature’s beauty never ceases to amaze! 

Healing Crystal Air Plant Candelabra’s

The ultimate zen piece of decor. Healing crystals and air plants with a jewelry approach to design!

Hand wrapped healing crystal to bring nature indoors and raise the vibration of your space. 
I love utilizing both of my journals... In the intention journal I write lengthier entries, ponder life and dream big dreams. In the gratitude journal I make lists and bullet points... Its so great to see the lists I create most days and what I am most grateful for - can be super simple or uber complex depending on the tone of the day! 
Happy Mothers Day to those who celebrate, are celebrated, have mothers to celebrate, or legacies to honor and cherish!

Featured is my wonderful mother in law Sandy - who is missing her grandchildren so much in Montreal.

A photo of a much younger version of myself with my beloved late mother Dafna.
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