Being Present on Mothers Day & New Designs 🌸 - Ariana Ost

Being Present on Mothers Day & New Designs 🌸

Hello Hello,

Mothers day is a big deal to me... Read past years heartfelt newsletters here... Mothers day sensitivity... 2018 & Redefining Mothers day... 2019. 

My vision for this year is just being fully present...

Every year since my mom passed my dad and husband would walk on eggshells that day and not know which side of me they would get the glass half full - or glass half empty. I have had breakdowns at fancy brunches and moments trying to celebrating me in my new role.

The roots that I have been planting have been growing deeper... I have more stability and emotional and spiritual nourishment to blossom and let my leaves soak in the sunlight of life. My foundation was rock solid, so the heartbreak was crippling, it still is, however like a tree I can weather storms, regrow leaves and branches and stand proud. Our new grid the tree of life is inspired by this philosophy. This year I honor the unwavering love my mother gave to me, and I have compassion for myself trying my best to make my children's life as joyful, beautiful, and safe as I can.

It is such an honor the universe has blessed me with and I yearn to make my little ones proud seeing me build my business and help make the world a more beautiful place through healing design.
Sending positive energy your way,

So honored to be featured as the first of 12 incredibly inspiring Maman's!

Elisa Marshall the founder and visionary of Maman never ceases to amaze me. Her creativity and passion knows no bounds - our collaborative necklace project is still one so close to my heart!

If you are in the New York City area be sure to experience one of their cafe's - deliciousness to savor and beauty to marvel at.

So so so excited about these new designs!!! Nature’s beauty never ceases to amaze! 

Healing Crystal Air Plant Candelabra’s

The ultimate zen piece of decor. Healing crystals and air plants with a jewelry approach to design!
Stunning candelabra dual candle holder made of brass with our doily laser cut signature brand aesthetic.
Hand wrapped healing crystal to bring nature indoors and raise the vibration of your space. 


Aura Quartz - for strength, light, reflection, color and energy. 

Amethyst - To relieve anxiety, connect to intuition, promote dreams.

Citrine - For joy, abundance, sunshine and self esteem.

Air Plants bring nature inside to elevate mood, purify your air quality and help make you feel more calm. Greenery connects to your heart chakra, is grounding, soothing and helps relief grief.

Feel free to remove air plants and put candles of choice to illuminate your home.

To care for your air plants, remove them once a week, submerge in water fully for 20-30 minutes, then remove, and shake out the water and dry them. Keep them exposed to sunlight, or indoor home or office lighting. They love bright spaces!

Sold as singles, choose your favorite crystal and plant combo. 

Thrilled to see our rough pink diamond hoops and necklace go up on uncommon goods! 

Add a rosy outlook to your outfit with wear-anywhere hoops of unpolished pink gems.



As if Mother Nature didn’t already bring her A-game when she created diamonds, she went and made them in colors too—like this sweet yet sophisticated shade of pink. Ariana Ost chooses the unprocessed, naturally gorgeous version of real pink diamonds and adds them to delicate hoops plated in rose gold. Sparkling yet understated, they’ll add a blush of romantic glamour to a white tee, a little black dress, and anything else you pair them with. Handmade in New York City.

The natural beauty of unprocessed pink diamonds shines on this handmade piece.



Cool, classy, and always original: That’s a spot-on description of you, and of Ariana Ost’s delicate blush of a necklace. Ariana strings real, unprocessed pink diamonds onto a graceful chain plated in rose gold. The sparkling result is an unfussy yet elegant accent piece that can accompany you from a trip to the greenmarket to a night out on the town. 

So excited about the Ariana Ost x Free People balancing chakra game! It is such a deep check in experience... look inwards and reflect!

This board game helps you to connect to your body’s energy centers and ask questions to balance your spirit and allow your energy to flow. ✨

  • Includes game cards, a game board and instructions
  • Bag of natural healing chakra crystals
  • Packaged in a gorgeous box with gold foil patterns  

Ask questions based on each chakra point and place the crystals on your body on on the board to make note and visually work through healing.

Fleeting moments of beauty to remind you to be in the present moment. Cherry blossoms I cannot get over your vibrant beauty!

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