Zodiac Silhouette and Crystal Wall Hanging

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Title: Aquarius
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We illustrated our own artwork of the zodiac signs. Dreamy wall hanging made with golden chain, laser cut brass and a raw ethically sourced healing crystal.


Aries - Carnelian

Taurus -Rose Quartz

Cancer - Moonstone

Gemini - Zebra Calcite

Leo - Citrine

Virgo - Amazonite

Libra - Lepidolite

Scorpio - Mica Black Tourmaline

Sagittarius - Sunstone Calcite

Capricorn - Fuchsite

Aquarius - Amethyst

Pisces - Sodalite

Made of Brass and crystal.  Dimensions approx 25" length

Perfect to hang in your home, office, or anywhere needed to brighten your environment with a serene aesthetic. Will add magic and whimsy wherever it goes.
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