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Selenite  Dreamcatcher Ornament
Selenite  Dreamcatcher Ornament

Selenite Dreamcatcher Ornament


Dream a little dream of me... with this selenite dreamcatcher.

Ethically sourced selenite crystal from Morocco. Beautiful open circle handwrapped with metallic thread and braided loop at the top.

Selenite is a very powerful and bright shining light of a healing crystal; it is named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene. Selenite is a spiritual stone that brings peace and tranquility by dispelling negativity with its protective force. Shift the energy to be more positive in your space with this glistening white healing crystal.

Perfect to brighten up your environment with a serene aesthetic. This Selenite dreamcatcher will add magic and whimsy to anywhere it is placed.


SKU: A987 


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