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Heart Button Pusher

Heart Button Pusher

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Elevate your style and prioritize your health with our Heart Button Pusher. This innovative accessory combines fashion with functionality to keep you safe and germ-free in style.

Made from solid brass, our Heart Button Pusher features a modern and open silhouette that adds a unique touch to your everyday essentials. The sleek design is not just eye-catching, but also practical, with a convenient carabiner hook that allows you to easily attach it to your purse, necklace, keys, or anywhere else you desire.

But what sets our Heart Button Pusher apart is its versatility. It's not just a stylish accessory, but a handy tool that helps you navigate the world with reduced germ exposure. The ergonomic design fits perfectly into your hand, allowing you to comfortably and effortlessly press buttons or touch surfaces without direct contact.

  • Stay germ-free: Our Heart Button Pusher ensures you never have to touch dirty buttons or surfaces directly, minimizing your exposure to germs and bacteria.
  • Style meets functionality: With its chic heart-shaped design and durable brass construction, our button pusher adds a touch of elegance to your everyday routine.

Whether you're pressing elevator buttons, ATM keys, or door handles, our Heart Button Pusher has got you covered. It's a simple yet effective solution for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe in any situation.

Take control of your safety and make a statement with our Heart Button Pusher. Embrace fashion-forward functionality and prioritize your well-being in the most stylish way possible.

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