Good Vibes Healing Crystal Bundle

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 This is an awesome go to feel good kit of specialty healing crystals. Ethically sourced stones in an adorable keepsake pouch to use and take wherever you go! Includes 9 small crystals.

Amethyst - for anxiety relief, dream promotion, connection to intuition. 

Rose quartz - for peace, love, compassion. 

Clear quartz - for strength and light. 

Citrine - for joy and abundance, self esteem and will boost. 

Aquamarine - for calm soothing balancing energy. 

Blue calcite - tranquility and expression. 

Sodalite - emotional balance, calm and boost for self trust. 

Black tourmaline - for protection and to dispel negativity. Filter and Absorb EMF's.

Carnelian - for goddess like feminine energy and creativity. 


SKU- A1217