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The two minds behind Ariana Ost, father-daughter duo Ariana and Jack, each bring unique synergetic skill sets to the table. Ariana is a dreamer, manifester, and creator. Jack is a doer, executor, and powerhouse. Together Ariana brings in visions and Jack brings them to life. If you need help with ideas, creativity or energy come to Ariana… If you need help with making things happen, building your vision or grounding energy come to Jack. Let's have a session together and see how we can provide guidance to you.

Ariana is a graduate from Parsons School of Design and studied abroad in Paris and did some jewelry workshops in London. Ariana loves art history and is inspired by the french aesthetic and cultural wellness from around the globe.

Jack was born in Egypt and emigrated to France and then the states. He studied political science at Columbia university and worked in insurance before building his own costume jewelry enterprise with his brothers. Jack ran the business, travelled extensively to attend trade shows, get inspiration and visit manufacturing facilities. Jack has a unique understanding for cultures, lifestyle and building deep meaningful relationships. 

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Book with Ariana

Book time with Ariana and get what you feel you need from connecting. Expertise offerings include:

🧘 Yoga guidance

🧘‍♀️ Meditation

🦻 Sound healing

💎 How to use healing crystals

🌀 Chakra balancing

🏡 Interior styling + decor advice

🙌 Energetic optimization for you and your space

👩‍💼 Entrepreneur coaching

🌅 Life coaching

🍼 Mom tips

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Book with Jack

Book time with Jack and get what you feel that you need from connecting. Expertise offerings include:

🧑‍💼 Business advice


🧳 Career start ups 

⚖️ Budgeting and value

🖼 Life journey tips + direction

🙇‍♂️ Intuition

⚙️ Production

🔮 How to make things happen

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