A Glimpse at our Products Impact ✨ - Ariana Ost

A Glimpse at our Products Impact ✨

Hello Hello,
Customer Love Moment!

A loyal multi repeat client of our website who always orders the most gorgeous things, placed another recent order. When our packing team saw the clients name again she said lets add something extra, we try to recognize names to make the overall experience more personal. Our office manager Sarah an energy worker hand selected a citrine stone to include as an additional thank you for the support gift and I guess her intuition was SPOT on. This thank you email came in yesterday and warmed my heart so much! It definitely recharged my raison d'etre and makes me want to keep designing and creating more offerings! 
THANK YOU!!  I received my order yesterday, and to my surprise and delight was the gorgeous citrine chunk.  It put the biggest smile on my face.  
Your beautiful creations have brought me so much joy, especially since home is now not only my sanctuary to relax, but also my workplace and my gym since the pandemic.
What had started as beautiful pieces for my home, has expanded to gifts for those whom are special to me (from good friends, my yoga instructor, my esthetician, and anyone who I know will love and appreciate your creations and all the positive energy they evoke)
Your small gift moved me in ways you do not realize, as I have dealt with moving forward from a relationship just prior to the pandemic.  It all hit me in a way that your creations gave me so much clarity, hope, and allowed me to heal over the past year, despite the adversity.  The stone was a reminder of so much, and your generosity moved me to share how much this means to me.
Attached is a picture of where I have placed this beautiful stone.  It sits in my bedroom, with small reminders that bring me happiness and joy.  Each piece has significant meaning to me, and my newest addition will be cherished and loved for years to come.
Thank You Again for your generosity and kindness.

I asked if I could share her words and here was the beautiful reply...

Wow, I am honored. I am glad that my words were conveyed in such a way that you felt the impact that your pieces bring to me.
You may absolutely share my words, in any way.  If it reaches or helps just one person, or a single person feels that they are not alone or that their thoughts are shared by others, 
It would make me very happy. I am a true believer in the power of positivity and energy, and I feel the love, positive energy and thoughtfulness put into your pieces. I want others to feel it as well.
Thank You again, your creations mean the world to me.
Now Laini expressed her sentiments into an actual post. I wish I could frame her words they are so beautiful and moving. knowing how deeply our designs resonate is very special! 
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