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Where do emotions go?

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Where do emotions go? Where do we put big feelings?I was going to ask the question saying where do emotions belong, but the word belong implies that there is somewhere they 'should go'. Emotions are ephemeral and can come from an irrational place at times. We cannot control how we feel, we need to observe our feelings and embrace them. Once we have witnessed or put our feelings into perspective we can choose how and when to take action.Emotions live so deeply inside of us, can get parked, lodged, buried or ignored. We all know that unresolved emotions can lead to instability, crisis and create trauma. Our emotions can activate our nervous system into fight or flight.Our emotions are their own language and allow us to tune in to intuition, instincts and tap into our emotional intelligence. Awareness is enlightening. With the brand I take many feelings I experience and harness them into creativity. I express my emotions into products and rituals that can ultimately assist in finding balance, harmony, calm, joy and beauty. Staying in the light for me means designing into sound healing, crystal healing, home decor and jewelry to make you feel special, worthy and honored.Journaling is an awesome way to unload and direct emotions in a positive way... Taking baths with crystals, practicing yoga or meditation, redecorating your home to change the energy, serving a meal and setting the table with special heirloom pieces all elevate the everyday experience.Working with crystals and marveling at natures raw beauty reminds us how precious creation is. We can look at an unpolished crystal and notice the flaws and inclusions, or say those marks or scars are indeed their beauty. Our imperfect emotions and vulnerability may be our greatest asset.My intention with every single piece that leaves our studio is to find a home that appreciates the power of our offering. Some days our emotions are heavy other days they are light. You should not feel burdened to carry their weight alone, open up and share your stories. I would love to feature some great ones you can send in! Stories are my raison d'etre... they are so gripping and moving. If you have the courage respond to this email with some storytelling relating to your life and how our products have helped in any way.
Sending positive energy your way,Ariana
This holiday season in jewelry is all about the pink rough diamonds for us! They are the most beautiful and unique stone to wear and gift this year! They will become your modern day heirlooms to treasure and adore.Jessica Alba looking gorgeous in our pink rough diamond necklace...Uncommon goods has been blowing out of our pink rough diamond collection - seeing the quantities they move of these makes me so happy to know how many people get to wear these one of a kind designs.Mystical blush toned rough diamonds perfectly paired with delicate rose gold metal. Featuring mini sparkly rough cut diamonds to be a beautiful healing powerhouse. Pink diamonds are super rare and precious and these untreated stones are such gems.Ariana Ost is all about wellness and purity, this necklace captures the essence of the brand with its raw organic unprocessed beauty. Diamonds are the strongest most powerful stone in the world and we have designed them in a humbled unpolished way as they come in nature. Ancient cultures have used diamonds to promote strength, courage, creativity, and imagination. Diamonds can encourage one to feel lighter, more joyful, and more aligned with their inner spirit. These stones have the ability to open all of the chakras, especially the crown. Improves your self-worth, radiance, and connection to the Divine. Diamonds are the universal symbol of love. 
Start making your holiday gift lists... Here are some of our best sellers to choose from!
Production in full swing at the studio...
Details of life in NYC... crescent moon near the gorgeous skyscraper... and foliage in all its glory.
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