The Ability To Rebuild & Connect To Starlight... - Ariana Ost

The Ability To Rebuild & Connect To Starlight...

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Life is all about perspective and what you choose to see. Celebrating the Sukkot holiday is very eye opening to help shift our framework and bring upon gratitude.

The Sukkah is a temporary dwelling, a hut like structure used annually during the fall season. The purpose is to remind the Jewish people of our nomadic roots, that everything is transient and fleetingThese fragile Sukkot huts are here to remind us of the inescapable sense of uncertainty in our lives.

Wherever we create a sukkah there we are to feel welcome at home with a festive spirit. What you have built once you can build again, we do this every year. Its a wonderful exercise to help avoid complacency and highlight the sense of impermanence humanity always experiences.

For a Sukkah you need a roof covering that you can see through in order to be connected to the sky above you.   
Therefore I felt inspired to decorate the Sukkah with a moon and star theme. This is to mimic the view through the bamboo roof which you are meant to see the nights sky. Envision a curated moment of starry night decor, moons and stars everywhere. Celebrate seeing moonlight and twinkling stars in the sky. I loved featuring some Ariana Ost starry night lunar garlands and celestial coasters. Shine light in every space you inhabit. Also added some greenery to connect to nature and the heart chakra. Kids also added their own playful artistic touch with paintings and goodies from the farmers market to make the table decor feel very autumnal.

Sending positive energy your way,


Our newest Wall Hanging addition online!!!

Adorable linear wall hanging version of our infamous crystal grids and flower of life motif.

Harness the power of crystals with this lovely iteration of our grids. Crystal gridding is a powerful tool to manifest your dreams into reality. An abundance of stones amplifies the energy of each crystal further charged by being placed in a sacred geometric pattern.
The flower of life is an ancient symbol we represented in a fresh modern way. Elevate your everyday and make magic possible by celebrating life’s simple moments with these grids in your environment.

✨✨✨Crystals include - ✨✨✨
Green Quartz - for heart healing, connection to nature.
Lepidolite to promote calm, comes from the Greek word for scale since it brings balance and harmony.
Clear Quartz x2- For clarity and strength and light.
Amethyst for intuition and dream promotion - anxiety relief.
Aquamarine for calm and tranquility, connection to water and fluidity. 

33" Length
OMG these amethyst chunks are just beyond magnificent!

Dreamy ornament made with golden chain and Amethyst, a high vibration healing crystal that provides anxiety relief, intuition and promotes dreams. Amethyst connects to your third eye chakra for tuning inwards, intuition and vision. Let it shine! 

Handmade in our NYC design studio with love!
New for holiday - Lunar Garland!!!

Here is a showing from our amazing production lot for our retailers... We are casting more parts to be able to add this on our website soon - to have a special new illuminated item for the season! Very versatile with so many different stars and moons in different scales and textures all originally hand designed at our metal bench in our design studio. We added a little led string light to make this extra special!

You can email to preorder so i can reserve them... these will go fast!
What an HONESTLY amazing experience...

Grateful for the opportunity to inspire and teach. Endless learning and creativity is part of life for me. Thank you @jessicaalba and @honest_beauty for allowing me to share my journey, story and designs with your audience. Perfect collaboration to pair a crystal grid with the latest and greatest natural crystal inspired lip gloss launch from honest!!! Crystals are from the earth which makes us feel instantly connected, the vibrations they emit are palpable and elevate the energy of any space! ✨
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