teaching self love, yoga, & healing crystals! - Ariana Ost

teaching self love, yoga, & healing crystals!

Hello Hello,
Sharing some highlights from a magical experience where I led a group of practitioners, healers and fitness trainers through a lovely flow on valentines day. This group had an amazing energy and are wellness professionals, but they are all givers and doers. It was an opportunity for them to be on the receiving end of self love and care on a very special day. It was an honor to give back to those who give so much to so many...

The event was at a very special space called Studio26 in Chelsea with a beautiful green heart healing plant wall.

The flow went as follows...

Breath work to oxygenate the body and activate the pineal gland, the bodies crystal like antenna for consciousness.

Heart opening yoga flow to connect to love in every dimension.

Crystal healing lesson where everyone selected the stone that most resonated with them.

Sound healing with tuning forks and crystals.

Energetic sound bath for the nervous system.

Chakra balancing through chanting and color visualization. Learning about color therapy and symbolism.

Guided shivasana meditation to fully disconnect and recharge your spiritual self.
Sending positive energy and light your way,
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