New Arrivals coming in HOT! Hamsa of our dreams... - Ariana Ost

New Arrivals coming in HOT! Hamsa of our dreams...

Hello Hello,
How is everyones summer going? Are you living your best life?I am working on embracing all that is. Removing un-necessary cloaks I carry and feeling lighter.Small moments make you feel so alive, basking in sunshine, taking a bike ride, gazing at the ocean, designing a new product, gardening, cooking and learning.Our designs are intended to embrace your joie de vivre. We showcase a gorgeous aesthetic in products and rituals to elevate the everyday.Sending positive energy your way,Ariana
The moment I have been waiting for! Finally announcing - in stock now!The Ariana Ost Hamsa Healing Crystal Grid The hamsa is finally here! A historic icon to ward off the evil eye and serve to protect. We reinvented the aesthetic adding a soft feminine touch to the hand. We hand crushed crystals to create the eye in ombre colors. We added lovely healing crystals to the finger tips and ring to sparkle and shine.

Just in!!!!Recharge Your device - Phone Stand - Decorative Charger 

A decorative station to put your phone AWAY to be present in life and reduce your EMF exposure!

A beautiful floral charging station with healing crystals for a sacred place to rest your device. In todays age our phone brings us a lot of luck and guides our destiny from dating apps, business emails, social connections, studies and learning, social experiences, and memory making. Don’t we need a mantle to rest our phone give it a break and infuse it with good vibes? We selected crystals to enhance the luck our phones can bring us!

  • Rose quartz for peace and love.
  • Black tourmaline to protect against negative energy and electromagnetic fields.
  • Quartz for energy and strength.
  • Amethyst to manifest our dreams, relieve anxiety and tune into our intuition.
  • Citrine for joy and abundance.

Perfect to let your phone soak up the crystal energy overnight to give it a break, or elevate and use your phone during the day at home or on your desk to keep phone propped up at eye level, reduce neck pain and be aesthetically pleasing! Ariana Ost thrives on creating objects to use to elevate our everyday experience and designs through a lens of emotional conviction and romance. 





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