My Many Colored Days Crystallize Things For Me... - Ariana Ost

My Many Colored Days Crystallize Things For Me...

Hello Hello,

Sometimes you just feel inspired! My work just Crystallizes things for me in my life...

When new stones arrive at the office, I am on the loose creating new additions to the design collection. These Aura Quartz points from Brazil set me on fire! I want to add them to everything... We are sending the new designs out for photography but here are behind the scenes photos of the design process. We added a new sunburst grid variation that I listed online so its shoppable - yay! Also designed an aura quartz garland, a celestial and aura dreamcatcher and more in the works! 

Quartz is a very powerful healing crystal that provides strength and positive energy. The aura coating is heat treated with vaporized gold to make the stone have an ab iridescent effect. The stones are so reflective with a rainbow like shine and add shimmer and magic to any environment. These stones are ethically sourced from Brazil. They help calm and heal our aura, and bring soothing energy allowing us to release negativity we have held onto.

On a personal check in level I reflect as many different colors as these crystals - haha. One of my kids favorite books is 'My Many Colored Days' and that is so true to me. Every day brings a different energy, color and feel. Just flow with it and find beauty in every color, reflection and set the tone. 

Right now I started Sarah Blondin's deepest self course on insight timer - it's so good. I am listening to 'Breath' by James Nestor on Audible and I am obsessed - like I also ordered the hardcopy book too to reference back - it is life changing research! And I am reading my fave acupuncturists book - 'Shadows on the Path' by Abdi Assadi, his words come in so clearly and the life lessons are invaluable.

I try to journal about all of this too to make sure it sinks in and gets fully absorbed, I am always on the quest to better myself everyday and be a witness - to see myself clearly and truly. I am working on patience at the moment, being a mom of little one definitely tests my limits and keeps me honest. I am more reactive than I would envision myself. It just shows me that there are many things I hold inside. I should be thankful for the opportunity to be able to see all of this and to do the work on myself to improve my quality of life.

Every moment is an opportunity to elevate your everyday experience!
Sending positive energy your way,

My almost 6 year old daughter asked me to look at my website to see what else she wants me to bring home… she said she wanted the moon phase wall hanging! This was our first wall hanging design ever and she is my first baby! It seemed very fitting… the office is slammed hand making orders… she followed up enough times to make me do it!

Brought it home and hung outside between her room and my sons. My son 2.5 yrs is moon obsessed - needs to look in the sky constantly - so its perfect for them adds a nice golden shine to the corridor. Know why this is one of our eternal best sellers timeless like the moon with gorgeous crystals! 🌙
Upping our communications game... If you have ordered before you know that we include a handwritten note with each parcel to make the experience more special. We updated our postcard design and added the lovely star motif in our rose gold foil. If you want to see in person, place your next order! Also we redesigned our emails for order confirmations and tracking details - how cute is the north star showing that your order is en route??
Make every nook and cranny of your home functional... I seriously missed cardio and spin and the amazing energy of Akin Akman of AARMY. In NYC you must make every inch count so spin bike in the closet it is for me! Don't mind the mess but do notice the decor I added to make the space extra special.

Celestial moon string light garlandNorth Star Crystal GridCitrine and Zodiac ornaments! 

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