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Moon Garland, Gift Bundles & Pep Talks to Self

Hello Hello,
My big thing of 2020 has been to 'STAY IN THE NOW' and not to let worry get the better of me. Therefore I have become quite skilled with pep talks to self...
As the year end is approaching my mind is racing but I come back to stillness to reflect, rejoice and restore.
 As a business owner I worry about a slow down after the holiday season. I used to take rejection to heart... comments would impact me... now I only let positivity stick, take feedback and use it for growth and let ugly negativity evacuate my mind. I tell myself... Hey look at how you started a brand and took your vision and made something from nothing... You are living your dream... You are making deep connections and planting seeds that have sprouted. You and your dad have taken your story and shared it with the world to make it a better place, a more beautiful place. Every experience you have ever had has lead you here. You are where you are supposed to be. Your words and designs have impacted people positively, some of the feedback and stories your customers have shared have given you the chills and brought you to tears. You are helping spread light and showcase nature by designing with healing crystals to shine in peoples home... 2021 here we come!

As a human I try to focus on relationships that matter and strengthen them. The new normal has been an adjustment in dynamics at home... division of responsibilities, juggling work, marriage and kids. INNER DIALOGUE... Instead of using words that sound stressful like juggling, tell yourself you will try to view everything through the lens of opportunity. You have the chance and ability to heal relationships, deepen them, make an impact on your family and just absorb all the love around you. See everyday as a chance... see every chore as a privilege. At first picking your daughter up at school seemed like a schlep...Now you are excited to go get her and see how fortunate she is to have school. You get that special time together to connect to be there for her like your mom was always there for you, to be so deeply a part of her life and make every experience more fun for her. Your son may never want to put his shoes on, transition or ever leave the park if you take him out, but you have a chance to help regulate his emotions, help mirror his feelings to him, teach him the flow of life and follow his charming lead. Have compassion for him he is missing the social exposure he needs. See how amazing it is to be more to him, play, laugh, sing, and let your silly side loose and enjoy the absolute blast you have together.

Shift the story in your head and the story of your life will suddenly shift right along with it...

 Your mind can be a very enticing place if you train it the power of imagination is always at reach!
Sending positive energy your way,


Its finally here. ✨ we sold this design to our wholesale customers and it kept reordering and we could never keep enough stock to add to our own website. Now you can have your very own from our shop!!!

Magnificent array of moon and star charms shining bright and assembled into a bejeweled garland with golden chain and LED lighting. The charms have different textures and approaches to design some are cast and some are laser cut!

Illuminate your space with light and shine from the brass charms themselves and with a lovely bright light pop from the string lighting. 

Hang from the ceiling, over a mantle or on a wall... Perfect home decoration piece to display in your living room or office decorative wall. Brighten your environment with a serene aesthetic.

String lighting is battery operated.

Handmade at our studio with love.

Approx 70" Length

Our magnificent bundles are finally here... This stunning keepsake box has a lovely magnetic closure and dreamy gold foil details to swoon over.

We put together two assortments... many more to come. Introducing the unwind and journal kit and the out the door quick set!

As 2020 is wrapping up... and all we are doing is wrapping up products with positive energy...

Each order is hand wrapped with love - we are working round the clock tirelessly getting all of your packages out! Our team has been staying late, coming in on weekends, our metal caster and stone suppliers are shipping cases and cases of our design materials to work with. The production process at our studio from assembly to packing/wrapping is a magical phenomenon. A symphony of creative genius fueled by love.

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