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Make rituals & routines a prettier experience ✨

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On my path I embrace my wellness rituals to provide, growth, comfort and inspiration. I am a very deep and complex individual so I find my routines very grounding. I have a lot going on in my mind with a busy lifestyle so the moments of slow down are my everything. I cannot do all of these things everyday but when I do... wow do I feel transformed!

Lets go into the routine... My mornings consist of meditation, yoga, spinning then enjoying a cup of tea, my smoothie, doing my work emails and journaling. If I do not have the leisure of time for this I fit in little bursts of stretching during the day, spin in the afternoon or evening, and listen to meditations while I am walking or driving. Sometimes you cannot find the alone or quiet time, so do what you can when you can. Tuning forks are awesome tools to carry around or keep handy to give your vagus nerve a little re set.

Throughout the day I try to enrich myself with inspirational content, like podcasts, audiobooks or books when I am on the go. There is so much to always learn to move further along on the path. What is the path anyways? Its the journey into fully embracing yourself, being present in every moment and in tune with your needs and those around you. I strive to be fully honest with myself, not repress emotions and elevate my overall vibration.

I am always working and its hard to slow down my mind, there is always a new design to create, photo to edit, post to write, email to send etc... When you are aligned with your work and purpose it doesn't feel like work - you just flow. I love what I do and find it is authentic to me and my lifestyle. I find purpose in creating decor to elevate the energy of your space, and pieces to make healing rituals more profound.

 I either WFH or the design studio... at the office I get to see my dad and the team which recharges me. It feels like a family at work and having the connection with our team is so meaningful. Its also fun to have lunch with my dad. 

Being a mom to little ones and having a feisty pooch keeps you honest, you see what you are holding on to and whats on your mind. You can assess how reactive you are... Kids love to push your buttons and they are healers. They have shown me the work I need to do on myself... be more patient, compromise, realize not everything can be perfect. They are just unconditional love. The love they embody is so natural and intuitive.

My pre evening routine is my ultimate indulgence, bath time or sauna time, or shower time. I am a water sign connecting with water to cleanse and letting out some sweat is so restorative. Incorporating the healing crystals I work with into these routines has been so meaningful.

Evening time with children is chaos... so thats why I need a bath before to come in calm... Its dinnertime and everyone wants something different to eat... we are all picky and have different cravings. My husband and I try to talk at dinner with our children and catch up haha but its hectic. Then is some fun, playtime, dancing, singing, creating... then the wind down teeth brushing and putting the kids to bed. My husband and I divide and conquer - one for each child. The stories we read them inspire us too.
Then some quiet time... sometimes I journal or read... most of the time we watch TV to be entertained after being burnt out all day from the grind.

My mission in designing is to create pieces to inspire you and remind you to take wellness rituals upon yourself. We offer yoga and chakra inspired decor, and crystal decor to gaze at in awe. What you look at while you meditate, or practice yoga, or work, or take care of your family matters. You absorb the energy of your environment so make it a sanctuary in every way possible!

I would love to hear more about how you have put our designs to use... feel free to share with us!

Sending positive energy your way,


Magnificent rough raw hand wrapped semi precious crystals shining bright and assembled into a bejeweled garland with golden chain. 

Illuminate your space with light and shine from the crystals themselves. 

Quartz is a very powerful healing crystal that provides strength and positive energy. The aura coating is heat treated with vaporized gold to make the stone have an ab iridescent effect. The stones are so reflective with a rainbow like shine and add shimmer and magic to any environment. These stones are ethically sourced from Brazil. They help calm and heal our aura, and bring soothing energy allowing us to release negativity we have held onto.

Mega Healing Crystal Bath Immersion Kit


Ariana Ost is offering pure ethically sourced massive sized crystals to soak in your bath with. How luxurious is it to have the opportunity to soak in crystals literally! Comes packaged in a gorgeous magnetic rose gold foil branded keepsake box.

We wanted to go big, like really big, immersing massive chunks of crystals into your tub gives the ultimate experience!

 Pamper yourself with minerals from the earth, as mother nature knows best. Our bodies foundational elements are composed of water and crystal (found in our bones, connective tissue, pineal gland, etc.) So we are essentially immersing our body back into its compositional source when taking a crystal bath.

Crystals have amazing healing properties and when exposed to water, the vibration causes the water molecules take on the energetic patterns that the crystals offer. The concept is like bathing salts, but with even more powerful effects.


Indulging in the art of self-care has the power to make us feel worthy, loved and special. So take the opportunity to soak yourself in the ultimate bathing ritual ceremony with healing crystals.



 When you soak in your bath your body will resonate with the healing crystal frequency patterns associated with each stone.

Allow each stone and its essence to resonate with you. Crystals are energy conductors, they communicate and carry information that we can absorb and emit.

Each crystal oscillates a unique frequency based on its mineral composition and will structure the bath water into sacred energetic patterns.



Before soaking in your crystal bath, set an intention to program the crystals to carry out their purpose for you.

Store the crystals on your bathroom countertop, or shower/bath shelves to look beautiful when not in use.

Periodically allow the crystals to recharge in the moonlight overnight.

Enjoy, relax, and submerge into your crystal bath to renew and recharge.

Set comes with six crystals!

Amethyst - for dreams and anxiety reduction

Zebra Calcite - for balance and stability
2 Rose Quartz - for peace and love (1 to hold in each hand during your bath to take in all the self loving energy)
Quartz - for strength, energy and light
Citrine - for joy and abundance
Our linear flower of life crystal grid wall hanging has just been added to the Urban Outfitters assortment! Yay love how their photo team styled it! 
New branded Jewelry just dropped at Free People ! We love incorporating healing crystals in a fashion forward aesthetic. The delicate herkimer diamonds, red jasper and pyrite are jaw dropping level beautiful.
My weekly sunset beach meditations... I never used to go to the beach in the winter... but with the pandemic we have needed to connect more deeply with nature and I love it. I cannot get over the vastness, the colors, the light, how each time is remarkably different. Find your happy place and reconnect with yourself.
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