Invite movement and flow into your space... - Ariana Ost

Invite movement and flow into your space...

Hello Hello,
January's tend to highlight rituals... morning routines, evening routines, fitness regimes, diets. Its the month to be optimistic, reprogram, set new goals and aim to stick to them.

I have been doing the insight timer app morning meditation 21 day challenge... I really like that they showcase a different person everyday, it gives more variance and flavor with an element of surprise.

One of the meditations quoted Joe Dispenza - " When feelings become the means of thinking, or if we cannot think greater than how we feel, we can never change. To change is to think greater than how we feel. To change is to act greater than the familiar feelings of the memorized self.”

This hit home... We are all guilty in getting stuck in our feelings, whether they are hunger, aches, pains, drama, moods, emotional issues, relationship dynamics etc etc. We start to identify with our feelings and troubles and sometimes let them become us. But if we step back and think greater than how we feel, overcome emotions and rise up we can soar. When you want to do something, you make it happen, what we set our intentions to achieve we make possible and a reality.

Our home and personal environments are the refuge we can turn into our very own sanctuaries. Yoga is such a great practice and example to model our actions on. It represents movement, flow, joy, change, flexibility, versatility, strength, tenacity and surrender. Everyday the energy of my yoga practice changes, I lean in to what my body craves... somedays are more heart opening, back bendy, simple postures, longer meditations, more breath work, sometimes just staying still and being a witness to myself observing whats going on. Meditation is a great way to take inventory of your feelings and check in. Then you can start to manifest and think greater and flow into infinite possibility.

This weekend I was introspective journaling, spin cycling, doing meditations and yoga, taking long baths and showers, reorganizing, moving some crystals around, cleansing the energy of my space with palo santo and tuning forks and just trying to set the stage for new possibilities. I am being more compassionate and nurturing to myself to find a sense of inner balance and calm. I try to be grateful for the hectic pace I lead with work and the little ones and find cadence to the rhythm. My ritual arsenal recharges me.
The emotions in my life are what inspire my designs. They are intended to serve as stunning reminders to add color, joy, healing energy, light,  and kindness to your space and life.
Sending positive energy your way,
Tap these together to make your nervous system smile inside! C and G tuning forks create the perfect fifth - pitch perfect and full of lasting overtones. You can tap these beauties on your knee and listen to the vibration… or tap them together for a louder ring and move them around yourself and your space. Sound healing can put you in tune… and help cleanse and energize your space. Sound can move through stuck energy in spaces and allow better flow. We work with biosonics the best of the best in sound and we added handcrafted brass caps with hand wired amethyst crystals to add more healing energy, color and light! Amethysts are great to relieve anxiety and help you tune in to your third eye intuition!
More studio behind the scenes footage on our instagram stories! Also our rainbow crystal garland is basically a necklace for your wall - get fancy with healing energy to adorn your space!
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