Father Figures are Rocks to Inspire us... - Ariana Ost

Father Figures are Rocks to Inspire us...

Hello Hello,

First and foremost - happy fathers day... to those who do not have fathers, have relationships with their father or are trying to become a father my heart goes out to you.

If you have a great relationship with your father or memory of your father you may refer to your dad as your rock... This got me thinking about crystals! Fathers are known for being strong, stable, solid and grounding. Crystals have many of these inherent properties as well. We look to our rocks to inspire us, bring light and be there for us in times of need.

I am lucky to work with my dad who sources all of our stones, rocks, gems and crystals worldwide ethically and with love. Happy fathers day to my dad who is the most sensitive, deep, authentic individual I have ever encountered. He made me who I am in every dimension of my development and growth... Shares my life journey and runs the show to make the magic of our brand possible.

Happy fathers day to my husband the most loyal, no nonsense, food aficionado kinda guy. He is the best father to our children and makes our reality feel like we are living in a dream.

Happy fathers day to my father in law the most devoted, intellectual, articulate and in shape athletic man I have ever met!

Give dad a healing crystal necklace and send him the symbolic message that he is your rock!

Sending positive energy your way,

Lavender... cast herb stick and amethyst? Can a garden get any prettier??
Jewelry is on fire!

Everyone wants to be fashionable again and wear their crystals out...

So many designs handmade at our NYC studio with love.

A collaboration between Free People and Ariana Ost, this board game helps you to connect to your body’s energy centers and ask questions to balance your spirit and allow your energy to flow.

  • Includes game cards, a game board and instructions
  • Bag of natural healing crystals
  • Packaged in a gorgeous box with gold foil patterns

Ask questions based on each chakra point and place the crystals on your body on on the board to make note and visually work through healing. 

Comes with a pouch of 7 chakra crystals

Root - Red - jasper

Sacral - Orange - sunstone

Solar Plexus- Yellow- calcite

Heart - Green - fuchsite

Throat - Blue - sodalite

Third Eye - Purple - amethyst

Crown - White - clear quartz

Thank you urban outfitters for adding this magnificent style and bringing it to life with your photography! Featuring our Aura Quartz Chandelier!

"Bathe your space in twinkling energy with this handmade crystalline mobile by Ariana Ost. Featuring metal framing with a series of rings and delicate chains supporting a waterfall of quartz crystals, each topped with an aura coating of vaporized gold for an iridescent finish that’s so ethereal. Finished with a top loop for hanging."

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