Belly Chain Alert- Healing Crystal Belt of our Dreams ! - Ariana Ost

Belly Chain Alert- Healing Crystal Belt of our Dreams !

Hello Hello,

Busy weeks... you feel me? With the school year coming to a close it allows for reflection and transition. 

With the weather warming up in the city we have been craving more outdoor nature exposure and getting out to the beach. Greenery and ocean views are so cliche but for good reason they heal and allow you to recharge. 

I pulled my back which pulled me away from my yoga practice, I am getting back to small movements and mindfulness. My body craves back bending and being out of commission isn't easy, it teaches patience and compassion.  I get neck/shoulder pain from my heavy load and schlep lifestyle - living out your dream isn't always easy there is baggage to carry. But it is my load and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The office is buzzing with new ideas and fuels me to propel forward and keep creating! Still on a high from the hair tik tok exposure, the Honest event with Jessica Alba and new styles we are working on for Free People.

Again calling in all feedback on our products the words of encouragement and personal stories you share fill my heart beyond measure. The notes and photos some of you send by email and dm make our team so happy to know how meaningful our work is - so thank you!

Sending positive energy your way,



New obsession alert the it summer fashion statement piece!

Belly Chain Belt Open Air Halcyon Dripping Healing Crystals

Stunning powerful mixed media belly chain to style as a belt. Open air wire metal thats adjustable with dripping healing crystals to dangle in style. This waist/hip piece makes a major statement by being bohemian yet goddess like all at the same time.

Brass is somewhat malleable to adjust size and placement to wear. 

Hand wrapped rough crystals in a lovely contemporary fresh silhouette.

So far we have two cc's Aura Quartz and Rainbow Crystals!

Some social media love!

Been working in the garden... veggies, herbs, trees, and some flowers. All a new labor of love for us! My husband and I became self proclaimed arborists... I place healing crystals around the land to add some good energy and vibrations to the area.

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