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Bathe In Crystals Like Literally Immerse Yourself

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As a lifestyle brand designer I am always coming up with ideas to enhance my favorite rituals. My absolute go to ceremony on a daily basis is taking a hot bath. As a mother of two children and a doggie, wife, entrepreneur +++ I need a moment to disconnect, unwind and recharge. My bath time is my most glorious moment of my day, I have my deepest thoughts, meditations, bouts of creativity etc. On a physical level I get to detox as I make the bath quite hot to be able to break a sweat. I literally feel like I have washed off my day and cleansed my emotional and physical toxins. I emerge renewed and cleansed in so many ways. I even love the company in the bathroom while I bathe, when you have children and a dog there are no boundaries so it can even become a collective experience.

I am thrilled to share my latest vision to elevate your bathing rituals. What could possibly be more luxurious than soaking in crystals? Read all the science and insightful info below.

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Ariana Ost is offering pure ethically sourced crystals to soak in your bath with. How luxurious is it to have the opportunity to soak in crystals literally!


Pamper yourself with minerals from the earth, as mother nature knows best. Our bodies foundational elements are composed of water and crystal (found in our bones, connective tissue, pineal gland, etc.) So we are essentially immersing our body back into its compositional source when taking a crystal bath. 


Crystals have amazing healing properties and when exposed to water, the vibration causes the water molecules take on the energetic patterns that the crystals offer. The concept is like bathing salts, but with even more powerful effects. 


Indulging in the art of self-care has the power to make us feel worthy, loved and special. So take the opportunity to soak yourself in the ultimate bathing ritual ceremony with healing crystals.



When you soak in your bath your body will resonate with the healing crystal frequency patterns associated with each stone.


Allow each stone and its essence to resonate with you. Crystals are energy conductors, they communicate and carry information that we can absorb and emit.


Each crystal oscillates a unique frequency based on its mineral composition and will structure the bath water into sacred energetic patterns.

Available in:

  • Amethyst - for dreams and anxiety reduction
  • Carnelian - for community and creativity
  • Shungite - for emf reduction and detox
  • Rose Quartz - for peace and love
  • Quartz - for strength, energy and light
  • Citrine - for joy and abundance
  • Pink Aventurine - for creativity and happiness
  • Green Aventurine - for heart healing, immune boosting and connection to nature



Before soaking in your crystal bath, set an intention to program the crystals to carry out their purpose for you.


We all need options so we provided two offerings:


For the powdered crystal vile, sprinkle a small amount into your bathtub and let it dissipate into the bath water like magic fairy dust and it will go down the drain when your bathing ceremony is complete. Refills available!


For the reusable sachet, soak into your bath like a tea bag and let it infuse the tub with its special qualities. After completing your bathing ritual, place the sachet on the little dish provided and allow the crystals to recharge in the moonlight overnight.


Enjoy, relax, and submerge into your crystal bath to renew and recharge.



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