Sunshine Is A Mindset... Are You Present This Summer? - Ariana Ost

Sunshine Is A Mindset... Are You Present This Summer?

Hello Hello,
Hope you are all enjoying your summer and connecting deeply with your true self. Having introspective time allows you to zoom out and see yourself, true needs and dream up your desires. I sense a lot of anxiety and fear around how life will look in the fall, if school is on, how long it will be in person, will people return to work? New York City has done a great job at flattening the curve, can this be maintained once reintegration of life happens indoors? For now we cannot guess the unknown, just be hopeful and feel safe and content in the present moment. I have always been a dreamer, hoping to travel, make exciting plans and getting ahead of myself, this crazy time has kept me much more day to day and that has been a great lesson.

My vision as a lifestyle brand is to create beautiful tools to serve all your rituals and wellness needs. Seeing the collection evolve from jewelry to home decor to functional items like a journal and sanitizer makes my heart sing. We have so much more development in the works. If there is anything you would love for us to design in our aesthetic suggestions are always welcome.

Sharing a family postcard of the summer at a beautiful lake surrounded by sunshine and light! The water reflects light and brightens my reflective thoughts.
Sending positive energy your way,

Our design collection is so inspired by my yoga practice. I was a gymnast when I was younger and yoga felt like discovering slow motion gymnastics. I gravitated to the art of yoga when I was in college and have never stopped practicing. Integrate the beauty of yoga into your life and bring these visual reminders to practice into your space!
 gold yoga pose wall hanging decor on white and gold string
Our selenite mobile a true classic from our assortment. The first crystal mobile we created on our healing design journey... selenite logs have such a lustrous glisten to them they brighten any space with positive energy and light. 
Fragrant sensory delight. Healing crystals floating a magical bottle containing a cleansing refreshing formula. Tea tree, lavender, bergamot and vanilla oh my.

Our newest collection is here the copper rose gold and smokey quartz combination!


This is so fall and holiday forward with rich deep colors so vibrant and bold. The copper and rose gold pair so well with the ethically sourced energetic smokey quartz. It is jaw dropping!


Smokey Quartz alleviates fear, helps lifts depression and diffuse negativity. It brings a sense of emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying, also helps to protect against electromagnetic frequencies.


Assortment includes:


Pure copper flower of life dish with Smokey Quartz Point.


Rose Gold Sunburst Grid with Mega Smokey Quartz stone


Pointy smokey quartz crystal cluster on rose gold doily base


Celestial rose gold star ornament with smokey quartz



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