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The Calm After The Storm...

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This week the Northeast has been hit by a hurricane with gusts of wind that were fast and furious. The instability of the world at large is very much like passing storms. Storms come and go, they ruffle our feathers, shed some leaves and we lose some precious things. Power may be out but its source cannot be taken away, it will always be reignited. The energy of the world is sustained for survival and restoration. I imagine myself as a tree letting my roots hold on to withstand passing storms in nature and in life. Crystals are are grounding rocks of light and help me restore my core energy. Sound healing helps keep me centered. Hope everyone is well and safe. My design muse this week is smokey quartz - it may look cloudy and dark but it is mystifying with inherent beauty.
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Attune yourself with tuning forks and sound healing! We have designed a magnificent brass cap sculpted like a faceted gem with a herkimer diamond for strength and clarity. The tuning fork now looks as beautiful as it sounds with the Ariana Ost jewelry approach. 

The om tuner is tuned to the sound of 'om' which is resonant with the vibration of the earth, for a grounding affect. Let this sound and vibration move gently through your energy field. 

Achieve a state of deep relaxation in seconds with the timeless vibrations of “Om”.



Hold your Om tuning fork by the stem between your thumb and first finger. Do not apply a lot of pressure. Gently tap the weights on your knees, tapping pad, or the palm of your hands. This will set the weights in motion and create a clear, deep and sustained tone. Bring the double-pronged side of the OM fork about an inch from your ear(s) and adjust the distance for volume.

You can use your Om fork directly on the body and acupressure points by tapping your fork in the same way. With the finger or thumb of your free hand, locate the spot on the body where you want to place the tuning fork, then tap your fork and press the single end of the fork’s stem onto the spot. Make a firm contact and hold the tuning fork until you feel the vibrations stop.

The hurricane brought this magnificent tree down on our summer block... power lines down and all. We can never have guarantees, lucky to be safe and resilient.

From our beach respite we had to head back to glorious NYC where things are picking back up and buzzing. Lucky to have a nice stay back home and office time...

Tree down on the road after a big thunderstorm

Our newest collection is here the copper rose gold and smokey quartz combination!


This is so fall and holiday forward with rich deep colors so vibrant and bold. The copper and rose gold pair so well with the ethically sourced energetic smokey quartz. It is jaw dropping!


Smokey Quartz alleviates fear, helps lifts depression and diffuse negativity. It brings a sense of emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying, also helps to protect against electromagnetic frequencies.


Assortment includes:


Pure copper flower of life dish with Smokey Quartz Point.


Rose Gold Sunburst Grid with Mega Smokey Quartz stone


Pointy smokey quartz crystal cluster on rose gold doily base


Celestial rose gold star ornament with smokey quartz

smokey quartz healing crystal home decor options



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