New York City Is My Rock... - Ariana Ost

New York City Is My Rock...

Hello Hello,
New York is a rock, a crystal, a gem. It is a grid. It is on the map... akin to our crystal grid, a map of different colors to bring synergy and vibrant energy. NYC has welcomed innovation and been known for opportunity throughout history. It is resilient! Survival is in the DNA of New Yorkers, we reinvent and optimize, we have done it before we can do it again.

I have been quite riled up by so much propaganda that I have receiving where the media and people are saying that New York is dead, over and done.

New York city has been suffering for a long time from injustice, crime, corruptions, corporate empires... the pandemic has been a wake up call, a DIAGNOSIS to heal and take action. Bring light into NYC and reignite the spark. We owe so much to the place that has made so many dreams come true, lets breathe new life in. Re-oxygenate this special place in the world that has changed history. With vacancies new businesses and residents can come in with a new chance!

NYC is still bustling, outdoor dining makes the city feel so European and more social, people are dancing in the streets!

Please watch my latest IGTV to hear my inspiring thoughts on the most marvelous city in the world. This is my love letter to my home city.
Sending positive energy your way,

Our design collection is so inspired by my life in New York City. Our beloved skyline, and ethereal design studio space where the magic happens.
Support Local Business! Enjoying a very special dinner after work down the block from our design studio. We love our vibrant neighborhood Flatiron/Gramercy!
Fragrant sensory delight. Healing crystals floating a magical bottle containing a cleansing refreshing formula. Tea tree, lavender, bergamot and vanilla oh my.
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