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The Optimist's Plea...

Hello Hello,

September is here... The end of a season always brings anxiety... change is coming... new beginnings no matter how exciting can prove stressful. The body cannot distinguish between good and bad stress. I am excited and nervous for my daughter to start school, I am excited and nervous about being back in NYC, I am excited and nervous about business planning and the future...

I am getting to know the voice in my head and trying debate the optimists plea. 

2020 has proven to be about clear VISION... true intuitive vision is about seeing through the darkness, seeing the light no matter what, knowing there is a goal and not wavering. All of the emotional work I have done since losing my mother and starting a business has proven useful! Learning at a young age how REAL life is has primed me... I am observing and accepting the current changes in the world around us. Swimming with the current not against it. Seeing life through the lens of resilience... determination... perseverance.

Well what is my goal anyways???
Just to be... practice yoga, be a mom, design, create, cook, bake, inspire and just live each and every moment. 

The Ariana Ost brand is a small father daughter business still operating in NYC on full speed throughout the craziness! The adrenaline is fueling us to produce more than ever...

We plan to thrive and elevate the everyday experience for many in need of beautiful objects to bring joy and positive energy into their spaces! We employ sample makers who are sisters and supporting large families. We are staying loyal to operating out of NYC in our design studio crafting each piece with love. Please help support our brand... every purchase has a ripple effect to support the economy and the pursuit of wellness!

Our goal for now is about looking forward to making many peoples holiday season extra special this year with our designs and healing crystals! Prepping for gift giving and home decor season! 

Sending positive energy your way,

This mini mobile with aura quartz is so dreamy. Will bring iridescent beauty wherever it hangs. When these stones catch the light you will be in awe!!! Perfect visual and energetic pick me up for any space. 
Our sanitizer has gotten me through the summer and will take me into fall... the delectable aroma of essential oils, stones whirling around and a symbolically protective copper hamsa makes the experience one to look forward to and embrace. New rituals of cleansing and infusing good vibes...
My resident artist... Aurelie painted the lake at night - recreating the scene where we went star gazing. See the starry night... and lake surrounded by stars... I cannot believe a 5 yr old made these masterpieces
Still obsessed with baking bread - the creative process is so gratifying! I must have been French in a past life... Boulangerie obsessed. Follow my culinary journey on @ediblejewels
Enjoy the last licks of summer everyone!
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