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Mothers Day Sensitivity

Mothers day is fast approaching... with any day that is a tribute we have to be careful for those who this day is extra sensitive to. After losing my mother in 2009 (after mothers day that year) I didn't know what to do the mothers day's there after... who do I have to celebrate? Do I sulk? Do I honor her memory? Do I delete every mothers day email that comes in so I can pretend this day doesn't exist? Now here I am sending a mothers day email??? I am now lucky enough to be a mother myself this will be my 4th year celebrating as a mother and it has given the day new purpose. My heart is with all those who are mothers, have mothers, lost mothers, wish they had a better connection with their mother, or are trying to be a mother. Being maternal is an instinct and comes to many even if you are a 'dog mom' that is very special too! 

My designs are a tribute to my late mother Dafna to make her proud, and to my daughter Aurelie so she can be proud of her mother. The DNA of the Ariana Ost brand is about motherhood in every dimension. The experiences I share with my daughter such as, doing her hair with special clips, putting on jewelry, setting the table and decorating the home are all examples of precious moments for which I have designed these objects. Created to celebrate the victory of the present moment and of life itself. I hope that our pieces can be special heirlooms for you and your loved ones to have meaningful experiences and create sacred memories with. 




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