From jewel to table... Jewelry for your home - Ariana Ost

From jewel to table... Jewelry for your home

Hello there,

I would like to share the journey that has led me to create my tabletop collection. My background and training is in jewelry design but my personal passions are cooking and entertaining at home.

After my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given six months to live, my father and I adopted a vegetarian diet to support my mother. My mother extended her life through wellness and change in lifestyle by three and a half years. After witnessing this miracle I knew anything was possible. My mother passed away 8 years ago when I was 25 years old and after facing grief I sought out a therapeutic outlet and discovered the art of cooking. Learning how to cook with my father unleashed our inner passions that previously laid dormant. We wanted to honor my mother's memory and embrace life not loss. I took cooking classes, got tons of cookbooks and every gadget possible. This was also the time my relationship with my now husband Eric was blossoming. Eric adores eating and appreciates the synergy of food and family. We grew up in similar homes that embraced togetherness with delicious food as a vehicle for closeness. Eating a meal with loved ones is a priceless experience.

Being that my professional training is as a jewelry designer, I named my hobby based food blog edible jewels and said I was a jewelry designer by day and food designer by night. Once I had my daughter Aurelie in 2015 I realized I wanted to make an impact on the world with my aesthetic and knowledge. As a family unit I needed to be a role model and provide a platform for magic to happen at home. Eric, myself, my father and my in laws adore hosting, so my designer lens on life makes me think how can I make the table more beautiful and impactful. I started my name brand shortly after my daughter was born and named it Ariana Ost, Ost is my middle name but also my mother's maiden name which I wanted to stay relevant in the world even after she is no longer with us. I no longer had a home which I grew up in to go to for dinner, I had to create my own family and start again.

In business I worked in private label servicing others which I love but I had an itch to do something more and dig deeper. The Ariana Ost brand evolves with my lifestyle and making jewelry for the home has been so fulfilling. I adore creating table settings and objects that can enhance our most precious moments and memories. To modernize setting the table I mimicked the aesthetic of lace and fabric through my favorite medium metal smithing. I took fabric doilies of my childhood and reinterpreted them for today, we recently expanded into full collections, placemats, chargers, napkin rings, place card holders and coasters. These items are super functional in that they wipe clean, textiles are gorgeous but high maintenance with staining and creasing.I love updating and creating new patterns and iconic pieces that will be modern heirlooms to last and be used time and time again.

Now when I set my table I feel more proud than ever. From eating healthy vegetarian meals that encompass the nutritional knowledge I learned from my mother's illness, hosting family and friends to inspire inclusiveness, creating new memories accompanied by a shining and gilded aesthetic makes the experience all the more luxurious, romantic, mystical and special.

I married the technical abilities of jewelry design with the emotional conviction that lives inside me to create objects that will elevate the everyday experience. I hope that my signature designs go to good use and bring positive energy and delicious experiences to tables all over the world.



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