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Dreamcatcher Crystal Grid Ornament

Dreamcatcher Crystal Grid Ornament

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Dream a little dream of me...

Sacred geometric flower of life jewelry base, paired with a powerful healing crystal and beautiful tactile fabrics to soften any space… 


Crystal grids are communities of crystals living together to amplify each other. They strengthen themselves by evoking the mantra of, power in numbers.  

Sacred geometric patterns house crystals to create a unique synergy through a specific vibrational blueprint. Each grid has its own energetic footprint and charges a harmonic resonance in its orbit.

Patterns are energetic visuals that can be absorbed and emulated. We look to natures designs, sacred geometry and forms to model our energy and behavior. Beautiful patterns with crystals release a palpable frequency and energetic vibration we can absorb. Changing the pattern of your environment and energy field can have the power to transform you and your space. 

The flower of life is an ancient geometric pattern of overlapping circles that represent the 'circle of life' in a symmetrical composition. The blooming flower mimics creation and serves as a forcefield of vibrational energy. It symbolizes birth, showing you can create new energies and possibilities in your life and in your space. It is the motif to evoke manifestation with an tranquil, harmonic and balanced aesthetic. 

The term 'inner circle' relates to community, and this form is the perfect home for a network of crystals. The flower of life is the infrastructure, the crystals are the energy force and together they merge to form a synergetic masterpiece.


A974 Citrine for abundance and joy

A975 Rose Quartz for peace and love

A979 Black Tourmaline for protection against negativity

Dimensions - 18” Long 4” diameter

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