Tender birthday reflections... - Ariana Ost

Tender birthday reflections...

Today I turn 35 and of this I am the most proud... A glimpse into my world... the inspiration behind it all. Being a mother is the greatest responsibility I have been given - I am always trying to feel worthy of the honor. 

The past two months have not been easy but they have been emotionally eye opening. I am ready for the emotional inspiration and conviction to seep through me and create newness that heals and awes. I come back to gratitude to keep me centered and this is it - cheers to the present moment and journey ahead! 

The journey of my past pregnancy, birth and postpartum have been deeply reflective, introspective and motivational. I have done more soul searching than ever before trying to find my true identity and purpose. We tend to find our identity in this world through the roles we play, mother, wife, business owner, etc etc but who are we? What is our essence, what lives in the inner realms of our soul and how do we execute our mission in this world. The rituals that we practice allow us to embody what we see as meaningful and tap deeper into ourselves.

Many of us associate value and self worth with material rewards or recognition from others but how do we find a way to be that to ourselves and for ourselves. My late mother was always my biggest fan and cheerleader, regardless of how biased it may have been it worked for me. In her absence how do I find the words and sentiments to motivate myself and give myself the encouragement I was used to. During tender quiet moments I need to be the voice, healer and coach so I can persevere. 

Healing crystals have been most powerful to me at this time in conjunction with my evolving yoga practice.

I am most blessed to have incredible support that rallies for me and makes most things in my life feel seamless with ease. I am blessed with my dad, husband, in-laws who feel like a second set of parents, my daughter, son, dog, dear friends and extended family.

My father is the backbone of my business, my deepest connection and one who has known me forever, we have always been aligned in vision and lifestyle. We are devoting ourselves to building a brand in my name Ariana, and my mothers maiden name Ost to provide our impact on the world in the capacity we are able to.

Building a business and family at the same time has been all encompassing and draining but we are finding the resources and resilience within us to push, innovate and thrive.

The brand is our platform to heal the world in the way we can. Our vision is to offer decorative objects with the design and production skill sets we have but infused with the soul, conviction and magic we live by. Magic and dreams have always allowed me to persevere having a clear vision and never wavering from that. I envision delving more into healing, ancient rituals and following my call to make the world a more beautiful place. The micro steps we take can have macro effects.

My husband and life partner Eric, believes in me and my talent, he is the one who holds our family together in every way. We created two little people who we are responsible for.  Executing this responsibility epitomizes the true sense of devotion and has shown me that life surely is miraculous.

I will never stop believing and shining the golden essence, crystal sparkle and wellness knowledge that is embedded in my core.  I hope that even if one moment of one persons life is positively impacted by something I have designed or put into the universe that I have succeeded. So thank you for following me on this sublime adventure. 



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