My epiphany on the color pink and mothers day... - Ariana Ost

My epiphany on the color pink and mothers day...

Hello Hello,

Happy Mother's Day!

This year is very different than years past... Mother Nature has spoken and the universe has us reconnecting with our primary roles as parents and humans. We are meant to be nourished, loved, connected, rested and moving. 

As a mother I am savoring the stay at home time with my children. I am surrendering to mother nature and mother earth to go with the new flow... I am unleashing newfound creativity at home along with some frustration with the new slower pace of execution at work. I am mothering myself, my children, my family, my home and my business. Its a lot but the more you give the more you get. Look at all that you do as a recharge rather than depletion. 

Through all of the artwork that I have been doing with my daughter we keep mixing red and white to get the color pink... which gave me an epiphany as to why pink is my favorite color! Pink is our brand color... and a lot of the work we do is with healing, yoga, chakras and the deeper meaning of colors and energy. So pink is not one of the chakra colors... but what do you get when you mix the bottom root - red with the top crown white? PINK!!! The most holistic color, the color that represents the chakra system in its entirety. Pink has a feminine loving, peaceful and nurturing association. It blends the physical with the metaphysical... It takes the root which represents the base of our spine, physicality, community, sense of belonging and being grounded... and the crown which is the divine, the spirituality above us, the surrender, the trust and the belief. What do mothers give us and do? Mothers are our rooting force to provide safety and sense of belonging, as well as our greatest advisors and aspirational beings. To mother we physically give to the needs of our children but we impart something deeper from the soul, intuition, wisdom and faith. 
Watch the latest IGTV video with a mothers day message and my epiphany on the color pink and chakra system info!

Sending love,

Our mothers day gift to you to keep your little ones busy for a moment of self care!

Color your fancy with our iconic brand imagery. Stay inspired with these coloring sheets for you or your littles ones to get creative. Add color and light in the way you envision... use paint, crayons, markers or pencils to bring our motifs to life. Click to download and share the love... Inspired by original artwork from our chakra and yoga pose wall hangings along with coaster motifs of stars and floral wreaths.

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Our iconic crystal dishes that evoke love...
Cooking is such a joy... sharing some of my homemade goodness on my food page @ediblejewels
Art heals... creative expression is a release!  Add color, dimension and joy to your life. Feel liberated to get messy...
Super cathartic, and inspiring! Being an at home art teacher running a pilot homeschool studio is the most satisfying experience - thanks to my aunt who is a brilliant art teacher for all of the guidance!
Me with my children and flashback to my mother with me.

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