Manifestation Vs Surrender... - Ariana Ost

Manifestation Vs Surrender...

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Please watch my LATEST just dropped-  IGTV video on instagram @arianaostny with some powerful thoughts outlined below...

After an inspiring yoga practice with Jared of Lighthouse Yoga - I delved further into the conversation he opened the class with about manifestation as opposed to surrender.

Manifestation is real and possible, we have all been able to have some form of control into making our dreams into reality... However does this make you play G-d to some extent, how do you know what is really best for you? The opposite perspective from a spiritual place is of being a witness to your life, to letting it flow, to believing in destiny and just allowing. When we let go things seem to fall into place... What we think we want may not ultimately serve us or fulfill our deepest truest needs.

Is manifestation like a desperate plea? Growing up I learned about free will and the power of prayer... it was always a fine line... we should pray and hope for what we would like and pursue free will to take charge but if you believe in a higher being or the universe you know that there is natural order and things happen as they should. 

I compared this to the difference within a yoga practice, trying so hard to get into a pose or holding it so tight almost straining the body, vs flowing through your practice using breath work and meditation. Taking in oxygen allows your body to do what it needs to do and gives you life. The meditative aspects allow you to witness yourself, your environment and go deeper. Meditation lets you observe and bring light to things that may have been buried or hiding, it is a release and a cathartic cleanse.

I think we should still dream big but overall have trust in that what should happen to us will, whether its delightful or if its challenging. Hardships are the most eye opening, they are a catalyst for growth and change. Build your emotional foundation to achieve resilience, connect with yourself and the world around you... Be the guiding light to those around you and make things look easy. When you bring awareness to something it unfolds.

The most iconic piece in our collection for this topic is our dreamcatcher. A visual meditation, a piece to elevate the energy of your space. A piece to look at and know that beauty is possible, we have the power in our hands to design and create. It is a blossoming flower of life grounded with crystals and dancing with delightful ribbons to bring you to an ethereal headspace.
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Can't we all use some GROUNDING sound healing vibrations in our life? We are so pleased to add the EARTH biosonics tuning fork to our assortment... paired with our super mini flower of life crystal grid with a lovely quartz point. This tuning fork is tuned to the pulsation of the earth and core frequency of quartz one of earths finest crystals... this lovely sound helps us feel rooted and connected. The ornament is on a chain to be held and displayed and easy to hold in the palm of your hand with the tuning fork. Check out our latest attune set... the sound of this one is so calming and comforting...
Crystal grid sound healing kit with gold grid and quartz point with sound healing tuner
Dreamcatchers and ornaments for visual mediation on dreams, possibility and color.
rose gold crystal grid with 7 stones
crystal grid dreamcatchers in 3 different design colors
Challenge Accepted!  #womensupportingwomen ❤️ having females in your life that can support you and lift you up is essential. I would be lost without my nearest and dearest cheering me on and keeping me empowered. Women are the strongest ever yet emotional maintenance cannot be overlooked. Hard to find a nice photo of myself without kids or a dog or the office haha... Also removing the color yet the core remains beautiful in black and white, leaves something to the imagination to dream in technicolor...
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