How we show ourselves to the world... - Ariana Ost

How we show ourselves to the world...

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My son got me thinking about roles, identity and how we show ourself to the world. At 3.5 years old he feels his most empowered self as King Pharaoh or Rider from Paw Patrol. 

Both Pharaoh and Rider are leaders... maybe he feels these characters make him feel in control or in charge of his own life. He could be out of sorts and then when his costume appears it all seems to be ok.

When my daughter was born I treated her arrival as if it were the launching of a new brand... I created mood boards of color palettes for her and acceptable patterns. Now she has her own eye and vision and I love seeing her style herself. Dressing a boy was less intuitive for me at first. Now I let my guard down and let him be himself. Seeing him feel empowered I smile when he puts on Ancient Egyptian royal garb just to go to school. 

This was wonderful food for thought about my relationship with my creations. Maybe I always felt safer because I would be wearing something I designed. There is almost always something of the moment or from my archive that I layer on it serves as my badge of courage. It calls some attention and I proudly say that I made it. The hair ties and belt have especially been eye catching... Do I seek connection with others? Do my designs serve as a vehicle to strike up conversation? Do I need to wear my pieces to feel worthy or like I have achieved/created something by being noticed. Or do I just love it and stay true to myself for designing for myself and others. We all put on armor to make us feel safe in the world. But what about just being?

Creating pieces for the home was the evolution of jewelry bringing in larger scale pieces to make our residence extra personal and special.

Many mornings I just get up for the school drop off and have no time at all to think about how I am presenting myself to the world... and the mornings are generally unremarkable aesthetically. By the afternoon based on what my day looks like or how tired I am, I make more of an effort to shine.

My daughter writes some gratitude lists and she always mentions jewelry. For mothers day she made a card for me at school that said "My favorite thing about you is you make me so much jewelry." This made me feel so happy that I do what I do. I am giving her conversation starter pieces with her friends, make her feel fresh, trendy and proud to say her mom made these things when we generously gift things. Maybe it's teaching her to tap into her own creative potential in any dimension it may exist and sharing your gifts with the world. 

As I delve deeper into wellness, healing rituals etc I value inherent beautyOur behaviors and energy accessorize us best... sometimes we just need some little trinkets or talisman to see for ourselves what lies within.

Healing crystals are the best example of natures beautiful creation shining brighter from inherent flaws which are the best facets.

Sending positive energy your way,

Two of our dreamiest new designs have dropped on urban outfitters!!!
Dripping stones in the hair never gets old!! Love Free People's Model shots!
My first salad from the garden! Zucchini flower in bloom... Photos a friend shared of our cast herb sticks in her lovely herb pots!
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