Hold yourself to a higher standard... - Ariana Ost

Hold yourself to a higher standard...

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Things are reopening... restrictions are being lifted - so lets check in and see how we feel about the resumed pace?

I travelled and attended my first wedding and event since covid and it was pretty cool. There was some hesitancy on my end... but once I went human instincts kicked right in to embrace, celebrate, and enjoy togetherness and deep connection. 

I was inspired by a speech I heard discussing the individual need to take energetic responsibility to uplift oneself and do the work. It got me thinking about the importance to hold oneself to the highest standard possible at all times. 

When we better ourselves we are prepared for whatever comes are way and are better equipped to inspire others. By complaining about everything or anything and criticizing others we lower our energetic vibration. Lead your life by example and hold your thoughts and actions to the higher bar.

A great way to explore this is to better understand yourself and figure out who you really are. We must learn what is going on deep within our mind and spirit to be honest and authentic in our own lives. By journaling we can build a relationship and dialogue with ourselves. We can comprehend our thoughts and wiring through expression. We have so many autopilot reactions based on our trauma and memory bank, how do we overcome this? Pause and try to react differently... Each time we can rewire and tweak the program to perform better and adapt.

Another important notion is interpersonal dynamics... we tend to unload the most or have tension with the ones we love the most. Are we just so comfortable to offload our stress onto our nearest and dearest? They should not be verbal punching bags or get blamed... we should LISTEN better see if we really hear them and if they really hear us... an easy way to do that is to simply ask... I heard you say this - is that what you meant? And you may or may not be correct but you now have the opportunity to clarify.

As social events start ramping back up its great to have more empathy and compassion for everyone and not let yourself get frustrated, annoyed or judgmental toward others. Its been a while since we have been together with extended circles so approach it from a place of love. Bring your compassion and warmth along to share experiences and collectively grow. Crystals are great tools to set intentions... have positive energy around you and feel protected.
Sending positive energy your way,
New Necklaces Alert With Genuine Mini Rough Pink Diamonds

Mystical blush toned rough diamonds perfectly paired with delicate rose gold chain.

These will be your favorite go to necklaces perfectly wearable versatile and timeless.

Featuring mini sparkly pink rough cut diamonds strung together to be a beautiful healing powerhouse. 

Pink diamonds are super rare and precious and these untreated stones are such gems.

Ariana Ost is all about wellness and purity, this necklace captures the essence of the brand with its raw organic unprocessed beauty. Diamonds are the strongest most powerful stone in the world and we have designed them in a humbled unpolished way as they come in nature. 

Ancient cultures have used diamonds to promote strength, courage, creativity, and imagination. Diamonds can encourage one to feel lighter, more joyful, and more aligned with their inner spirit. These stones have the ability to open all of the chakras, especially the crown. Improves your self-worth, radiance, and connection to the Divine. Diamonds are the universal symbol of love. 

Handmade at our NYC studio with love.

Just added the ultimate gardening stone for plants - Tree Agate - the veins and variations on this crystal is so magnificent and enchanting!

Tree Agate  - for inner peace, plentitude, abundance. Known to enhance crop yields, plant vitality and health and boost agriculture.

Garden Crystal Packs!

Calling all nature lovers, plant lovers, gardeners and green thumbs!

Enhance the energy of your garden or plants with healing crystals... use indoors in a potted plant or outdoors straight on your soil, mulch or grass!

Healing crystals are known to promote abundance, growth, grounding and connect us to nature. Placing crystals in your garden will raise the vibration to help your garden thrive. They will look beautiful aesthetically as decor and serve to connect with the earth beneath them. Crystals transmute negative energy which helps filter any bad vibes and turn them into a positive charge.

Thank you urban outfitters for adding this magnificent style and bringing it to life with your photography!

Set a starry, celestial mood in your space with this wall-mounted taper candle holder by Ariana Ost. Handmade brass bracket features star-shaped cutouts and a round slot for standard taper candles. Mounts to wall.

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