Harness Possibility See The Color In Your Life... - Ariana Ost

Harness Possibility See The Color In Your Life...

Hello Hello,
I have sunshine coming out of my heart... and the moonlight coming from the palm of my hand. The light of the moon and the sun paired with healing crystals is so synergetic and powerful. Keep your rocks close to anchor you and stay rooted and grounded while also reaching the light and guidance from the sky.
Its July in a surreal world...  The universe is forcing many people to stay local and be immersed in the present now. We have been shown that we have no control or power... we are just a witness here to observe.

Meditation practice has us connect with the here and now... the global climate is trying to show us the same lesson.

We can experience all of the normal emotions of frustration, disappointment even anger but how do we use these emotions as fuel for good and positive change?
Many people have made major life changes and big decisions... For people who were inherently unhappy this pandemic has been a catalyst for change... the straw that broke the camels back to take action. 

What I do know is that the world feels like a more compassionate place... there is raised awareness. We have silenced so much of the noise around us.

For myself I am working on focusing on whats in front of me... work... creation... opportunity... innovation and most importantly family.  

Hope everyone is enjoying summer however that looks for you!

Please continue to stay safe and take good care... I am very cautious maybe paranoid but that seems to be serving me so far. 

Sending light, 

Sun shine on our magical creations... Jewelry approach to home decor through a wellness lens. ☀️
Crystal clear... cleanse your hands with intention, joy and beauty!  

So much love went into creating this formula… quality and attention to detail was our intention - making it energetically aligned with our vision.

We used top notch bottles in glass, filled with healing crystals, top quality essential oils sourced from all over the world in the formula, custom label + informative postcard, hand wired cast copper hamsa jewelry charm all handmade with love in NYC and packaged in a beautiful linen branded pouch.

Just a few of our favorite things at the moment... Elevate the energy of your space with our unique aesthetic and integration of healing crystals!
When you least expect it the universe presents the most beautiful signs. The color palette was a total dream to be surrounded by nature and take in the scene is amazing. Rainbows are a sign of hope - a promise of color and light. Everything is a mere reflection it is about how we choose to see. Reflect on joy, light and possibility see the color in your life.
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