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Behind the Scenes

While working as a private label, I have gotten used to being behind the scenes. We love to design for others; retailers buy our product, take it for their own, sell it in their stores, and reorder when stock gets low. This buying process occurs all without the actual customer ever knowing that the product came from our studio— we leave no trace to the general public. As someone who actually enjoys designing exclusive products for major retailers, I sometimes forget to give recognition to our special space, the home and idea tank of Revello Inc. and Ariana Ost. 

Our studio resides in the heart of the Flatiron District in NYC. Much of our inspiration is derived from our studio’s setting—our small team thrives on our neighborhood’s creative energy and the fast pace of NYC. We work in an open environment where collaboration drives our strongest ideas. Our bench workers sit next to our social media specialist, who is next to the sample makers, who sit adjacent to our graphic designers, and across from our production team—and my dad and I are in the center of it all! With zero privacy, and a lot of togetherness, our team is always in constant communication.

To me, our studio represents my journey as a designer. When I started Revello Inc. private label, I worked out of my apartment. When I first found this space, I rented it as a sublet with my coworker because we had no clue what the future would hold. We slowly began to stock the place like it was a kitchen; it was so empty, but the space’s high ceilings and bright light made it feel full with positive energy and hope. Every new order brought in more and more materials for us to keep. With time, our studio transformed into the atelier it is today.

I felt connected to the Flatiron District since attending Parsons School of Design for college. I am lucky to live in Noho, where I can easily walk to and from my studio every day. I wanted to work where things felt familiar—an environment that I felt confident and comfortable in. Although most of my business equivalents were based in the Garment District, I didn’t care and chose not to follow. The space and location felt right, and I continue to feel inspired by it today.

Due to the scope of Revello’s clients, our studio has experienced creating a wide range of products from jewelry, to belts, to home décor and everything in between. In our studio today, we feature floor to ceiling spools of chain, thousands of stones and bead options, and fabric swatches so that we can create samples on the spot. When we invite friends, family, design enthusiasts, clients, and passerby’s into our space, they experience our creative process firsthand. We love including others into our designs and gathering inspiration from our supporters.

Check out the photos below to experience the vibe of our studio. We hope you can visit soon!




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