Wishes can be granted... - Ariana Ost

Wishes can be granted...

It was an honor speaking and offering a healing prayer during the charity event for Wigs and Wishes at the Gregory Hotel in NYC. It was hosted by the fabulous Caravan Stylist Studio and I was surrounded by an array of dynamic speakers with powerful stories!

Wigs and Wishes was founded by hairstylist Martino Cartier. The mission is to provide wigs free of charge to women battling cancer and to make wishes come true for children with cancer. Martino shared many stories that ranged from tearjerking to heartwarming. Having a head of hair is not something to be taken for granted, and many women who face hair loss from cancer treatment not only lose their hair they lose their dignity along with it. Martino provides wigs that look so real they are worn with confidence and restore a woman's sense of self. Martino also works with children to make sure they know what miracles are possible and dreams can indeed come true. This cause needs more exposure to be able to touch more lives. Please take a look at their website to make a donation for those in need. Hearing Martino speak with such passion for the cause and devotion to helping others restored my faith in the good in humanity. 

I got the chills sharing my mothers story for the first time in a public event setting. I lost my mother Dafna 10 years ago to cancer. She did not get conventional treatment and defied all odds outliving her prognosis. She was given 6 months and made it 3 and a half years passing away at the tragic young age of 55 years old. My mother was most known for her radiant red hair which was such a special color. Her natural highlights had unique tones of gold, strawberry blonde and auburn all mixed so perfectly making her an iconic beauty. When she was first diagnosed one of her biggest fears was losing her hair, she was lucky to not ever lose her hair since she did not undergo chemotherapy.  When she passed away she was radiant and at home with her elegant dignity. Her story, courage and battle should be inspirational to anyone fighting cancer - YOU CANCERVIVE! My mother's story has impacted everyone in her orbit, we have the power within us to heal and thrive through healthy mind, body and spirit. It is hard work to get there but when you are fighting for your life a positive attitude goes a long way.

I spoke about energy, vibration and the power of positive thinking to heal. My mothers wellness journey inspired my father and I to start our brand as a tribute to her story. My mother was a talented artist and she instilled endless creativity in me which I am honored to share with the world. I took my interest in fashion and merged it with my deep conviction for well being and now design objects to elevate the everyday experience. We use many healing crystals to provide hope, power, beauty and positive energy to individuals their spaces. I closed my segment with sound healing using a tuning fork with clear quartz for strength and power. We all chanted a beautiful 'om' together. OM is tuned to the frequency of the earth so it makes us  feel grounded, supported, safe and rooted. We can all close our eyes and send positive thoughts to those who need healing, unfortunately most of us know someone with cancer who needs love, inspiration and care at this very moment.

Take a deep breath and inhale the feeling of gratitude for wherever you are right now. 


Sending Love and Light your way,

It felt so cathartic to share my story and my work. I would love to be involved in more causes close to my heart. If I can change one persons journey I would be forever grateful.

Please reach out if you would like to feature me at inspirational speaking engagements or perform crystal healing, chakra balancing and sound healing for events.

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