How to get grounded and still reach the sky! - Ariana Ost

How to get grounded and still reach the sky!

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This has been a glorious summer immersed in nature. I journeyed back and forth between the city and the beach and was attune to feeling the  energetic differences.

At the beach I felt rooted and grounded, surrounded by the elements of crystal sand, water, wind and earth. I saw greenery, trees, flowers, butterflies, rainbows, blue skies, grey skies, silver stormy seas, to crystal clear sparkling waters reflecting light. 

At home in the city I live and work in the sky, dreaming and floating. I saw the skyline, the manmade touch of beauty, cosmopolitan luxuries, as well as cotton candy sunsets, rainbows and lots of butterflies.

The contrast of earth and sky is so symbolic to inspire us to embrace every part of our energetic feels. We root, we plant seeds, we feel anchored and we also feel lofty, ethereal and part of a floating dreamworld. I am so blessed to experience nature and pure consciousness paired with the nurture the city provides. The beach allows me to reflect, shift my energy, feel at peace, secure and free. The city allows me to feel cultured, inspired, creative and connected. 

I am looking forward to gliding into the seasons to come with ease and enthusiasm for all the opportunities ahead.

Sending Love and Light your way,

Get your fill and shake it up! Stunning necklace to wear healing crystals close to your heart and empower yourself with positive energy!  Available in 3 shapes/sizes - small round, large round and medium oval shape!

Associate the energetic properties each stone carries with the beauty the necklace evokes. The crystals float so fluidly in the brass and glass locket, with gold fill chain and crushed ethically sourced premium crystals.
rough diamonds - ultimate stone of strength, beauty, power.
pink aventurine -  for heart healing, creativity and happiness.
green aventurine - for heart healing, immune boosting, connect with nature. 
citrine - for joy, abundance and sunshine.
quartz - for strength, clarity and energy..
rose quartz - for love, peace, happiness. 
carnelian - for creativity, community, belonging. 
black shungite - for protection against negative energy, emf’s, overall healing. 
amethyst - for dreams, spiritual light and purification. 
Length: 16" +2" adjustable extender wear as 16", 17" or 18" as you please.

Retail is $120 for all stones/shapes - premium for filling with rough diamonds - $160.
The most wonderful time of year is fast approaching… as summer departs holiday planning begins!
We have had a blast designing these new ornaments to sparkle and shine with healing crystals!
Summertime is all about family and quality time! We closed the season by prioritizing experiencing 'love and gratitude'.

Having elevated emotions is on brand to elevate the everyday experience.

Take the opportunity to elevate your own emotions to elevate the rest of your life along with it. Healing crystals are great visual reminders to elevate the energy of your personal space.
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