When are we partially ourselves or feeling whole? - Ariana Ost

When are we partially ourselves or feeling whole?

Hello Hello,
Last nights full moon was stop you in your tracks beautiful rising up in the sun kissed sky. 

There is only one moon, but it takes on so many personas and is impacted by all of the other planets. These ebb and flow cycles have me mystified. 

A full moon is like - that perfect moment of eating something ripe, marveling at spring flowers in full bloom, summer leaves in their lushness, fall foliage telling their peak color story and fresh winter snow that blankets the ground. 

My takeaway is constant shifting dynamics... nothing is stagnant, energy is always in motion. We need to observe ourselves with compassion and wonder how are we affected by our different cycles, the planets around us and the people around us. We take on so much, so what is truly our own? What we are left with is the ability to be gentle with ourselves and focus on casting our own light and reflecting upon on our shadows. What are we hiding? What are we showcasing? When are we partially ourselves or feeling whole?

All of these phases should be celebrated... and then when our lives feel like the full moon we can just be grateful for how it all comes together full circle. 

What do you want to shed? What do you want to nurture? Focus on the light and the good. Know that your very own shadow gives you the ability to shine and cast your light better. Look up to the sky for guidance, nature to inspire us and people around you to be like the other stars and planets around us - we are all connected. Do not feel alone so many elements impact the moon even if it looks like it stands by itself. It reflects the light of the sun and takes on energies in synergy with our planets.

That is ultimately the inspiration behind our crystal grids the sense of community and togetherness, colors playing off of each other and raw unpolished shapes coming to life, through the lens of our jewelry approach adding golden shine to it all.
Sending positive energy your way,

Obsessed with how free people shot and styled our healing crystal ornaments!!

Perfect to hang in your home, office, car, tree during holiday season or even on your purse to brighten your environment with a serene aesthetic. Will add magic and whimsy wherever it goes.
We love being tagged and seeing how you use and style our pieces! Keep on sharing!
New prototype alert coming in hot! Moon phase wall electric candle holder... - crystals will be added of course! Cannot wait to produce this beauty and add it to the assortment asap!
Find your flow, glisten and shine like the ocean! My inspirational place of calm and marvel.
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