What in your life lights you up like sunshine? - Ariana Ost

What in your life lights you up like sunshine?

Hello Hello,
We all need sunshine to survive and thrive.

Let's think about the luxury of taking in an extra dose of light and what it means for you? 

We can get the bare minimum dose of Vit D we need but how do we absorb more... and when is too much light harmful? Its all about the perfect balance...

Bask in the light and start to glow... Come into your best self. Let's compare basking in the sunlight and taking it all in to self care... what in your life lights you up? When do you feel your most lit?

Ask yourself these questions and when you glance at our healing crystal sunburst grid remember to glimmer and reflect the light that comes your way.

Our designs are visual reminders for self care, making the world a more beautiful place and knowing you can always shine.
Sending positive energy your way,


Love seeing this Mama and Boss rocking our perfect healing crystal layered necklace and showcasing our stunning sunburst grid!
Our studio is functioning like a couture atelier... attention to detail, one of a kind creations and showcasing unexpected materials. We are expanding our fine art offering coming really soon - stay tuned on how we will utilize crystals in an artistic medium. We adore innovating and pioneering utilizing natures jewels with our jewelry approach to artistic creation.
Fall in NYC is just magnificent!
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