What is a crystal grid and what are crystal grids used for? - Ariana Ost

What is a crystal grid and what are crystal grids used for?

We get many inquiries on providing an explanation on what is a crystal grid, how to use a crystal grid, what is the purpose of crystal grids, and where to put crystal grid wall art! I hope that this little guide can be inspirational! 

We were lucky to spend some time last week with our favorite scientist, doctor and sound healer up in the Catskills this week. Dr John Beaulieu shared lots of knowledge and it sparked so many ideas for me. Our chat made me realize the intuition of designing our crystal grids goes so much deeper than just aesthetics- which is why they resonate with so many people. These have proven to be a bestseller and the energetic data tells us why!

See below for who (which), what, where, when and why?

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What is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal grids are communities of crystals living together to amplify each other. They strengthen themselves by evoking the mantra of, power in numbers.  

Sacred geometric patterns house crystals to create a unique synergy through a specific vibrational blueprint. Each grid has its own energetic footprint and charges a harmonic resonance in its orbit.

Patterns are energetic visuals that can be absorbed and emulated. We look to natures designs, sacred geometry and forms to model our energy and behavior. Beautiful patterns with crystals release a palpable frequency and energetic vibration we can absorb. Changing the pattern of your environment and energy field can have the power to transform you and your space. 




Where should you put a crystal grid, crystal grid wall hanging, or crystal grid wall art?


In any environment that could benefit from beauty, positive energy, space clearing. Crystal grids are visually stimulating and energetically charged to spread good vibes and manifestation abilities.


At home you can hang these grids on the wall or lay them flat on a table or nightstand. Based on the intention you place on them they can serve different rooms well. For beauty and inspiration living spaces and communal spaces are great to add light and shine. For personal use of manifestation and healing place on a nightstand, hang in your meditation nook, or display in your bathroom to symbolize self love and care.

At work they can be great tools to hang over your desk or lay flat on your desk.

These are also great to balance energies of high traffic spaces like yoga studios, boutiques, hotels, wellness centers etc. 



Which crystal grid should I use? And what are the best crystals for crystal grids?


Everyone wants beauty and joy around them, its inherent to want good, light and positivity. Crystals are a great tool and way to connect with yourself and nature. Crystals connect us with our inner spirit and the world around us. Crystals have a divine energy with a strong almost electric like charge. Choosing crystals should be intuitive, your inner self should guide you on what you are attracted to visually and energetically. We offer different grids with different crystals to appeal to common manifestation needs of love, abundance, success, joy, chakra balancing etc. Typically quartz is used in the center of a grid to charge it and power it. Quartz is found in technology and is known to be a conductor of energy, so we utilize quartz as a wonderful foundation within most grids.


What's special about the flower of life crystal grid? 


The flower of life crystal grid features an ancient geometric pattern of overlapping circles that represent the 'circle of life' in a symmetrical composition. The blooming flower mimics creation and serves as a forcefield of vibrational energy. It symbolizes birth, showing you can create new energies and possibilities in your life and in your space. It is the motif to evoke manifestation with an tranquil, harmonic and balanced aesthetic. 

The term 'inner circle' relates to community, and this form is the perfect home for a network of crystals. The flower of life is the infrastructure, the crystals are the energy force and together they merge to form a synergetic masterpiece.



How to use a crystal grid and infuse it with your personal intentions


You should use our grids as tools to set intentions and incorporate into your wellness rituals. We designed these beauties to fill the void in the wellness decor space. Our daily practices should be surrounded by beauty in every way. The energy the grids possess should be used to harness joy, optimism and healing into your life. Take the time to discover what you are looking for and look to the crystals to help remind you to practice positive rituals to move forward and step into your own power. Connect with each stone and absorb its energy to utilize spiritual and emotional effects. Ancient cultures have used crystals for centuries to transmit vibrational energies. Rose quartz is for love, citrine for joy, black tourmaline for protection, pyrite for luck, quartz for strength, amethyst for dreams etc etc etc!

My initial intention with gridding was manifesting abundance, finding joy, removing grief and fear and being able to step into my power through love. I live a balancing act and the balance within the flower of life and the rough unpolished beauty of the stones speak to me. The grids remind me of my power within and how the universe has endless beauty.  The crystals I chose for our designs were intentional and have been infused with positive energy and hope for every person and space they encounter. We plan on expanding this offering to offer more versatile visuals and emotionally healing possibilities.



When should I use a crystal grid in my life and space?

We all have different needs at different times and grids are here to serve us.

We are all composed of energy and pick up on frequencies and signals. As energetic beings we seek powerful pieces to further conduct our energy and recharge us. Our mission is to improve the energy of the space around you. Germs were invisible to the medical world before they were discovered, we now understand how potent they are. Negative energy is palpable to us even if we cannot see it, we can surely feel it. We need to infuse our space with protective pieces to allow us to live in a haven to restore ourselves and thrive. Crystals are living organisms we should decorate our space with like we do with indoor plants. As a jewelry and home decor lifestyle brand we are thrilled to offer pieces that can clear the energy of the ether around you and spread positivity to you. Help us spread the magic and add crystals to as many environments as possible. 


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