Chakra Balancing, Yoga Flow & Sound Healing Workshop by Ariana Ost - Ariana Ost

Chakra Balancing, Yoga Flow & Sound Healing Workshop by Ariana Ost

It was such an honor to lead such an inspirational pack of beautiful souls. The powerful synergy of learning and practicing together was amazing.


Yoga Flow Workshop by Ariana Ost


Taking a moment to express my gratitude for participating in last weeks event Ariana Ost x Will Lane at the Gregory Hotel in NYC! I was invited by my friend Claudine to lead a class on a picture perfect NYC rooftop to a group of influencers based in fashion and wellness. As energetic beings the synergy of learning and practicing yoga together was a special and memorable experience.I was so touched by all of the positive feedback after the workshop from participants about how transformed they felt in such a short amount of time.

Sending Love and Light your way,


The class went as follows!

Intro - a little bit on my story and how I started taking my jewelry skills and passion for yoga and wellness to create the Ariana Ost brand!

Breath and bundha work... had everybody do some yoga breathing to get out of their mind and into their body to be present for the event. Explained the power of bundhas which are energetic locks and how to use our own body and its strength to manifest our dreams and increase our energy levels.


Yoga Workshop by Ariana Ost


Chakra balancing, color visualization and sound vibration. Taught everyone about what each chakra symbolizes and how to find balance within your body.


Crystal Grid by Ariana Ost


Yoga poses and mini flow. Focused on sun salutations and taught about the significance of meditation, inversions, twisting, balancing, and back bending. Meditation quiets the mind, inversions increase blood flow while oxygenating the body keeping us young, twisting detoxes us by wringing out our organs, balancing allows us to focus and concentrate while feeling safe and rooted, back bending opens our heart, strengthens our spine to allow energy to clearly flow up and down our body.


Yoga Flow by Ariana Ost


Shared our attune sound healing kits teaching about tuning forks and crystal healing! Crystals are living organisms with special powers we can tap into with increased awareness. The tuning forks reset our nervous systems and bring harmony to our bodies through the power of sound and energetic vibration.


Sound Healing and Tuning Forks by Ariana Ost


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Ariana Ost

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