Tis the season... to shine - Ariana Ost

Tis the season... to shine

Hello Hello,

Holiday season is associated with light in the winter season...

Hanukkah is iconic for the menorah and candle light that lasts as a miracle... For Christmas many people illuminate their homes and trees to shine! The miracle of Hanukkah is that the light intended for one night lasted for eight... how do we spread our light and make it last with an impact? Crystals reflect light and are amazing conductors... tap into them and connect to set intentions to illuminate your world!

The lens through which I see now is of gems and crystals... 

We love our stones rough, raw or faceted... the analogy is don't be too overly polished have some raw rough spots that make you shine. Our individuality and inherent flaws can be our best qualities!

One of the centering thoughts on the oprah and deepak chopra 21 day meditation that resonated with me is “everyday I look for ways to live my vision’ this makes me step back and realize how whole heartedly I am living my vision and this brings me to a deep place of gratitude. It recharges me to keep giving and creating and inspiring.

 Living your vision doesn't always come easily... Take adversity in stride let it teach you, mold you, shape you for the better. Raise your hand if you are inspired and committed to contributing good to this world, no matter how small the action the ripple effect could be immense.
Sending positive energy your way,

Our mask chain is the perfect piece to stay stylish and safe this holiday season! Rough diamonds are so magnificent in their raw state. 

Just added online our selenite bowl in a stunning medium size!

Selenite is a very powerful healing crystal, it is named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene. Selenite is a spiritual stone that brings peace and tranquility by dispelling negativity with its protective force. Shift the energy to be more positive in your space with this glistening white healing crystal. 

Ethically sourced polished selenite bowl from Morocco. Selenite is known to charge and cleanse crystals making it a perfect vessel to store your crystals.

We have included some special loose crystals for the bowl…

Clear Quartz Point - for strength and light

Black tourmaline- for protection

Amethyst - for intuition and anxiety relief

Rose Quartz - for peace and love

Citrine - for joy and abundance

Bowl is almost 1 lb in weight and 10cm diameter accompanied with 5 loose crystals 

Some incredible ornament gift options for holiday!

Each package hand wrapped with love - we are working round the clock tirelessly getting all of your orders out!

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