Giving Thanks To Our Team...and Gratitude To You! - Ariana Ost

Giving Thanks To Our Team...and Gratitude To You!

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See above my WFH set up with all the essentials... wellness tools include tuning forks, crystal dishes, intention journal, selenite bowls, crystal infused hand sanitizer and oh don't mind the gorgeous rainbow healing crystal garland behind me...
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The gratitude really goes to every member of our team who makes the magic happen. I am thankful above all for people and relationships. What a blessing to admire watching our team devote their energy to our mission.

If you follow us on instagram... you always see behind the scenes moments at our studio and the team hard at work...

Our team and what we do...

Founder Ariana Ost - I have always dreamed of having an old world couture house... but I have evolved that vision to more authentically reflect myself and lifestyle. I evolved from fashionista to wellness aficionado. The brand is a celebration of my jewelry design skills interpreted into home decor to serve as visual meditations for healing rituals. Going from jewelry for yourself and expanding into jewelry for your space has been the most exciting journey. I am a believer that anything is possible and I never give up. At the company I have done everything from design to packing, shipping, photography, social media, sales, marketing, outreach and gone out of my comfort zones in every way to perpetuate growth.

Founder Jack Haber- The backbone and pulse of our company... my dad - the one who makes the business survive. I have the vision and dreams that he makes a reality. He devotes most of his time to ordering materials, focusing on production, organization, accounting and management. He packs boxes when he needs to... My dad has such a sense of urgency and motivation like no one else I have ever met, he gets the job done. 

Sample Makers -  Maria and Margarita and Julia
These sisters are the heart and soul of our company, Maria and Margarita are full time and have worked with us since we opened our studio in 2012 and did private label... they helped make the brand a reality when we launched in 2016. These sisters have painted our walls, assembled our products, packed, shipped, designed, cleaned, and even babysat for my daughter! Julia has helped on a temp basis but with all the work flowing in she may be staying!

Sample Maker Ivon - We added Ivon to our team after the major spike in online orders after Covid... she has such a delicate touch to her craftsmanship and is so intentional about every crystal she selects to assemble. She has been out of office for the last few weeks because she got bitten by a new dog she wanted to adopt - we send her so much healing energy and light to be back in soon. 

Metalsmith Benchworker - Brice... now freelance... What can we say, Brice was my first metalsmith hire in 2013... his first day at the office was when we had the most insane complex and gorgeous... seasonal necklace program to ship out to free people and he stayed with us all night to get it delivered! He loves the drama and is a hands on visionary. Brice was full time for a few years but now he mostly teaches and focuses on residencies so he currently freelances to create our metal work... ie the dreamy sunburst grid base! Brice is a sculptural artist his wax carvings get the best textures ever that we so cherish in our castings.

Office Manager Sarah - Sarah started on our team after covid and other staff moved out of the city. She came in to a world of order overload and chaos. She now prints each and every order when she is in and helps organize everything and works closely to assist Jack. Sarah is also a healer, intuitive and we love and trust her aesthetic and crystal expertise.

Packer and Shipper Christian is the nephew of our sample maker sisters... he loves working with his aunts and they teach him the ropes. He packs so quickly and efficiently with great attention to detail. He schleps insane amounts of cartons like a tank to fedex, ups, and usps on a daily basis... He knows which information cards to include in each shipment and keeps track of our inventory.

Freelance graphic and digital designer - Everlin is new on our team... she is so talented and will help create new cads, product specs, packaging designs and even digital content. I have winged it so many times with my digital skills its amazing to have such a talented resource to help execute our needs in an on brand aesthetic.

Freelance Photographer - Polina was an intern for us years ago and is the one who taught me social media strategy and photo editing tips. We connect with her now a few times a year to do our lifestyle shoots. No one takes more airy photos... the pictures make you want to live in each scene she captures.

As you can see it takes a village to do all that we do... Our vision for everyone at our company is that we are a family, our success is their success. Help us take care of our families and keep building the wellness design brand of our dreams. We are real people with grit and tenacity determined to share our light with as many people in the world who want it to shine in theirs.
Sending positive energy your way,

Some of our newest decor pieces to elevate the aesthetic and energy of your space!
A beautiful place to hang your masks and welcome them home. Selenite crystal for positive energy and cleansing aura. This celestial wall hook is so gorgeous.

From us to you! Happy thanksgiving - use our savings code 'MADEWITHLOVE' well!!!
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