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Spring Cleaning & Floral String Lights To Feel Lit

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Spring is here... there is a freshness about the air, excitement in the breeze, and nature is ready to bloom. Spring is also associated with cleaning...

My husband is very organized and tidy, loves keeping our homes with a fresh and current energy. I am a collector not a hoarder...  I just love saving things. Parting with things is hard for me, Eric can just throw something out that no longer serves him so easily. When you cleanse yourself and your space of things you no longer need, you feel lighter and more free. It is a very liberating experience to do some deep cleaning, reorganization and check in of every nook and cranny in your home.

The same goes for your mind space. Try doing a spring cleaning of buried emotions, dig deep for beliefs that no longer serve you and locate your stuck energy. Lets lighten the load and raise our vibration, you will feel such a sense of release. How much are we saving, storing and holding onto and why? Imagine pulling up thoughts like you would go through an old box or closet... do some dusting, wipe it down and discard what is unnecessary and cherish treasured finds. Allow your self to unravel and lighten your energetic load... detox your emotions... trauma... and holding patterns. Try having a fresh new perspective... You may find some things that bring up painful memories, or remind you of loss... but they are a timestamp from the past, do not re experience the same emotions. Just pretend you are watching a show about your memories. Disconnect from harmful feelings just observe them and most importantly embrace yourself for facing them and then ultimately let them go. Send your triggers away... and invite in positive energy and fresh inspiration to set the tone for your future. 

Bring some new things into your home this spring to elevate the energy of your environment. Crystals are a wonderful way to cleanse the energy of your space and infuse a buzz of nature into your surroundings. Stay current, and let your own energetic current reflect how at peace you are in the present moment.
Sending positive energy your way,


Flower of Life Healing Crystal Grid Garland with String Lighting

'Magnificent array of floral and flower of life charms shining bright and assembled into a bejeweled garland with golden chain and LED lighting.

Illuminate your space with light and shine from the brass charms themselves and with a lovely bright light pop from the string lighting. 

Features ethically sourced Healing Crystals 

Rose quartz crystal for peace and love, quartz for light and strength, pyrite for success, luck and grounding effects.

Hang from the ceiling, over a mantle or on a wall... Perfect home decoration piece to display in your living room or office decorative wall. Brighten your environment with a serene aesthetic.

String lighting is battery operated with nice warm light tone.

Handmade at our studio with love.'

Krystle Knight just brought these beauties all the way to Australia! Our OM tuning fork by biosonics with jewel like cap and herkimer diamond healing crystal to attune your body and mind. Use sound healing to help wellness resonate with you, this is a perfect energetic re set. Om is tuned to the rotation of the earth, this vibration makes you feel instantly grounded and brings your nervous system into harmonic balance. 

Our intuition pendulum just dropped at Free People ! We love incorporating healing crystals in a fashion forward aesthetic.

"So gorgeous and statement-making, this delicate necklace is featured on a thin linked chain with a lariat detail accented by a pendulum-style rose quartz stone. Meant to be used as an intuition guide, the removable pendulum will swing in the direction of an answer to your "yes" or "no" question and can conduct healing energy."

Celebrating Passover with my family was very special! We cooked up a vegetarian storm and embraced traditions in a modern and fun way. I love elevating the everyday experience and setting the table with my charger and coaster designs! We got to embrace those around the table and even more loved ones on Zoom!

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