Healing Crystal Chandeliers to Energetically Illuminate 💡 - Ariana Ost

Healing Crystal Chandeliers to Energetically Illuminate 💡

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I love analogies of shining light, to reflect upon, to brighten up, and to lighten up. We all understand intuitively that light is a positive force! These hanging crystal Chandeliers are literally energetic light fixtures. 
These are truly wow statement pieces for your home or space. An energetic light, a crystal chandelier to marvel at in awe. Illuminate your space with light and shine from the crystals themselves. Each crystal is a specimen of nature showcasing unique shapes, facets, shine and color reflections. These pieces are handmade with a true fine art and jewelry approach to design.
Magnificent rough raw hand wrapped semi precious crystals shining bright and assembled into a bejeweled chandelier with soft rose gold chain. 

I hope that these inspire you to shine in your own life... look at darkness as an opportunity to recharge. We all have a shadow side but that is our own gorgeous ability to reflect within.

Happy spring everyone, with daylight savings, the sun is shining for longer - i.e. more light - soak it in!
Sending positive energy your way,


This delicate statement necklace is handcrafted at our design studio with love. Inspired by Victorian and Georgian necklace silhouettes at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I wanted to update the dazzling silhouettes of the past to drape beautifully with healing crystals. The star and moons were hand manipulated brass wire to create these stunning motifs. Chain is hanging from many different points to make a statement.

The north star is wrapped with mini faceted healing herkimer diamond crystals. There is also a delicate chain with mini herkimers wrapped to add a lovely layered affect. Herkimer diamonds represent pure crystal light, they help to stimulate and attune consciousness. They clear all the chakras and connect us to the crown which represents spirituality and light. 

The Ariana Ost Twinkling Star Coaster is the perfect piece to make your table shine bright like a shooting star. Inspired by twinkling northern stars sparkling in a constellation. The Twinkling Star Coaster has an art deco spirit to feel both vintage and contemporary.

Hand wrapped healing crystals to add color, sparkle and shine. A crystal grid to rest your beverage on and infuse positive energy into your hydrating rituals. Use as decor or to hold a cup, mug, bottle or glass.


Pyrite - For success and luck and golden sparkle with grounding properties.

Quartz -  For strength and power. 

Fucsite - For heart healing, love and mica like sparkle.

Blue Calcite - For tranquility and calm.

Citrine - For joy and abundance like sunshine. 

Amethyst - To promote dreams, increase intuition, relieve anxiety and connect to royal energy.

Our beloved client in Australia - Krystle Knight - took the most lovely photos of our journals. Could anything inspire you more to be the author of your life?

New Sunburst Color Combo Alert! I love this color palette... so soft and dreamy!

Dreamy beach house vibes full of water views and sunshine... These water hued crystals catch the light and bring a sense of tranquility and calm to your space. This crystal grid bases to allow the energy of the crystals to travel out like lightwaves in your environment! 

Crystals - 

Aura Quartz - for strength and light and to balance your aura.
Blue Calcite -  brings serenity, relieves anxiety, eases communication.
Aquamarine- for calm and tranquility, connection to water and fluidity.
Amazonite- brings luck, dispels negativity, and has soothing effects on the nervous system.

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