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Site refresh and ways to refresh yourself...

Hello Hello,

We are so excited to launch our refreshed and reimagined website! We wanted to make it more intuitive, navigable and inspiring to reflect our brand evolution and DNA. Discover it for yourself....

Spring is here and we can refresh ourselves and our space... and plant new seeds. Spring is a wonderful time to feel lighter after our no longer needed leaves have been shed and we can start to feel ourselves bloom. The creative energy of spring is so palpable... the days are longer, the colors are my favorite palette ever... Seeing pink and white flowers everywhere makes my heart sing... and the cherry blossoms take my breath away. New York City feels renewed with hope and endless possibility. Everything feels brighter...

So how do we refresh ourselves and our space?

  • Be inspired to add light and color to your space... pastels, whites, clears, multicolors... colors of nature. Noticing new pops in your home of decor are sure to be smile worthy.
  • Add healing crystals that are living organisms to bring the outdoors inside.
  • Start planting and planning your garden to witness nature do its magic and grow. 
  • Start planting seeds within yourself, new ideas or creations you want to see blossom.
  • Journal to express gratitude, to dream and to manifest.
  • Take time for yourself to take long baths in water to soak in and restore your energy. Heat it up to detox and sweat, then cool it down with a cold rinse to tone your vagus nerve.
  • Start adding more movement to your routine, walk, be outside, go biking, do yoga or take on a new activity.
  • Meditate in any way that resonates with you, through an app or instructor you love, implement your own time for shivasana or try sound healing. Quieting the noise in your head is so powerful.
  • Get social with those around you, with the weather warming up we can feel less isolated and more connected.
  • Support local and small businesses that work from the bottom of their hearts like Ariana Ost to provide unique offerings and make the world a more special place! Spring is about growth, let families and small companies further blossom!
Sending positive energy your way,

Lots of beach days ahead... ☀️ sunshine and aqua, aura oh my!!! Crystals and golden shine what could be prettier. Inspired by our dreamy Australian muse @krystleknightjewellery - these collab pieces are the dreamiest!

Aura Quartz - for strength and light and to balance your aura.

Blue Calcite -  brings serenity, relieves anxiety, eases communication.

Aquamarine- for calm and tranquility, connection to water and fluidity.

Amazonite- brings luck, dispels negativity, and has soothing effects on the nervous system.

Large bottle to refill your spray bottle of hand sanitizer with crystals and copper hamsa or use on its own! Take matters into your own hands… feel joy in taking action to cleanse and protect with positive energy. 

Handmade with love at our design studio in New York City. 
Ingredients - Alcohol, aloe vera, essential oils of tea tree, lavender, bergamot and vanilla, infused with healing crystals. 

We used top quality essential oils and ingredients to create this magical formula that smells like a dream. 

These earrings inspired by our best selling healing crystal wall garland... sold out immediately on Free People - we are working on replenishing them!

Photographer Vanessa Guzzo got this linear flower of life wall hanging to brighten up the energy and decor of her lovely workspace!

Last week was the first shabbat after passover... it is my first year trying the ancient tradition of baking key shaped challah! My daughter and I modeled our dough inspired by the jewelry keys from my design collection. The key shaped bread symbolize the manna food given to the jews in the desert after being liberated from Egypt... they could imagine this food to taste like anything possible and satisfy hunger and inspire. Holding a key in your hand means you have the power within you to unlock anything possible... I have always been french key obsessed, collecting keys from hardware stores in Paris... The Ariana Key in our collection was inspired by Marie Antoinettes key in Versailles - we made it our own and sculpted it in wax to cast into metal. We can work on offering more keys with healing crystals coming soon...

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