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Intentions for Earth Day 🌎 & Chakra Game!

Hello Hello,

The mission of our brand is to elevate the everyday experience. We design products to decorate your home and raise the vibration of your space.

However our true home in planet earth... what are we doing to take care of our home... the place that provides us everything we need to survive and thrive.

Setting intentions are like planting seeds, intentions are the precursors that lead us to action.

What intentions do you want to set? Start somewhere... we can all make personal choices and start with small actions that add up.

I am very proud to be vegetarian and help the environment and humane treatment of all living beings. I bring my own shopping bags when I go to the grocery store. I always pack my own tea and water when I am out and about. I have so much more to be mindful of and keep upping the game but its one step at a time. We are always learning more... its a process - so do not judge yourself or others!

I am looking for aligned organizations for our brand to donate to... if anyone has recommendations would be much appreciated.

I am passionate about saving the oceans and allowing sea life to thrive in a beautiful habitat as nature intended. I am also interested in helping reduce deforestation... and improving air and water qualities worldwide.
Sending positive energy your way,


So excited about the launch of the Ariana Ost x Free People balancing chakra game! This board game helps you to connect to your body’s energy centers and ask questions to balance your spirit and allow your energy to flow. ✨

  • Includes game cards, a game board and instructions
  • Bag of natural healing chakra crystals
  • Packaged in a gorgeous box with gold foil patterns  

Ask questions based on each chakra point and place the crystals on your body on on the board to make note and visually work through healing.

So exciting to update our artist card - with a refreshed photo and a tweaked wording to better reflect our brand DNA and evolution!


"Ariana Ost is a lifestyle designer brand that thrives on elevating the everyday experience. We infuse soul, healing energy, and a palpable spark of joy into our decorative objects. 


Our purpose is to fill a whitespace in the wellness market for decor with a contemporary fashionable aesthetic. We curate healing crystals and wellness rituals in an approachable way to help raise your energetic vibration. 


Our process is rooted in a unique jewelry approach to design. A personal artisan hand crafted touch is imbued into each product created at our design studio. Ariana Ost’s elegant pieces are meant to evoke a deep emotional resonance bringing beauty and love to you or your space.


We are a father-daughter atelier based business in the buzzing Flatiron district of NYC. Ariana is a creative visionary and her father Jack is an expert in sourcing and production. The synergy of their expertise make it all a possibility and bring the brand to life.


In addition to being a female entrepreneur Ariana is a wife to her dear husband Eric, and a mother to her precious daughter Aurelie, charming son Julian and mascot Maltipoo London."

New design alert - tree of life healing crystal grid! We created a masterpiece in wax of a blooming textured tree then cast it into metal and wrapped gorgeous crystals to shine! Wanted to celebrate the earth... show the glory of trees and the concept of being rooted. Coming soon - hope this style can be added in the next month or so! Please e-mail if you would like to preorder...

 met Kim Markel years ago while doing the Architectural Design AD-show! She is a true artisan... my husband and I were in awe of these glow chairs... we could not get them off of our mind and wanted to add art to our space to bring color, light, joy and playfulness! 

Each chair is handmade by Kim... local to NYC just outside the city - upstate New York! 
She uses otherwise unusable glasses optical lenses that come in pucks, which is amazing to be able to recycle such material to help the planet.

She gets the lenses industrially ground then fills the mold she created for the perfectly sculpted chairs...

They bake in a kiln oven to temper for days... to achieve perfection in texture and finish.

She then adds custom pigment colors and finally polishes and finishes the chair. To me these are true gems and our brands are so synergetic in aesthetic and approach.

See our table setting for inspo.... setting a table to host, nourish others and savor a meal is so satisfying. Notice our jewelry approach to design... jewelry for your table. Chargers, coasters, napkin rings, healing crystal dishes and a crystal grid centerpiece!

My favorite time of the year in the city! I just marvel at the cherry blossoms in full perfect bloom. The ruffly petals get me every time... Nature never ceases to amaze!

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