Seeing our vibrant collection & family shine... - Ariana Ost

Seeing our vibrant collection & family shine...

Hello Hello,
Reporting back after exhibiting at the NY NOW show. We were located in the handmade section surrounded by artisans. We work mostly with wholesale buyers, and have added a wholesale section directly on our Shopify site so buyers can create accounts to order and reorder as they please.

The best part of the show is truly connecting on a deep level with so many fascinating people. Life is about connection and community... finding our tribe has been incredible. The traffic at the show was quality not quantity, the law of attraction served true.The individuals with whom our designs resonate found us! 

Our mission is to elevate the everyday experience and enhance the energy of your space and people felt that immediately. By creating environments of wellness and beauty you can cultivate joy and harmony.

My father and I had a blast hanging out at the booth and having deep life discussions about where we want to go personally and professionally and how it is all intertwined. We were grateful in each present moment surrounded by our beautiful healing objects. Overall we are just appreciative of all the opportunity and love around us. 

Sending positive energy and light your way,

Never NOT doing yoga... I am my practice... it goes everywhere I do. I’m that crazy person you can find upside down, back bending, twisting and balancing wherever I go. My body craves the movement, oxygen and benefits mentally and emotionally. It allows me to create the work, I do. The vision for the brand is to elevate the everyday, enhance the energy of your space. Provide visual reminders to meditate, do yoga and see light wherever you go no matter how dark. 
Two shining stars of the show our mini aura quartz mobile, and sunburst crystal grid!
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