Enlighten Your Space With Sunshine! - Ariana Ost

Enlighten Your Space With Sunshine!

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Celebrating sunshine and light with our newest grids...

Delving deeper into the significance behind the design is finding meaning through the light that shines, spreads and reflects within us and around us.

Sunshine is a constant, even if we cannot see it through the clouds, storms or weather we know deep down that it is always there. The same goes for ourselves, our inner light is always there. The solar plexus chakra is associated with the color yellow and sunshine, it is our personal point of self will, self esteem and motivation. Our solar plexus chakra is located right below our heart at the top of our diaphragm under our ribcage. Based on posture and how we carry ourselves we either allow this point to be open and stand with stature and confidence, or hunch over and block the light. People read body, language, energy and light its intuitive, we just feel it. Stand tall, be open and let the light from within you be cast out and travel to brighten as far as you can reach!

My birthstone is citrine (yellow) which is for joy and abundance, it symbolizes that these properties are my birthright but I have to work on mentally knowing they are always there and tap into that power. Having fun and seeing the light are choices we make. This crystal grid is very special to me because it symbolizes staying, light, bright and shiny no matter what kind of clouds pass through.

Let this piece serve as a visual reminder to choose happiness, to be positive and to have a sunny day! 

Enlighten your space... soak in the rays of luxury and brightness from the crystals and golden rods of sunlight.

I also love the notion that the sun is in the sky and crystals come from the earth. Therefore the combination of above and below allows us to be centered. Being grounded and flying high all come together in this incredible design.

Sending positive energy and light your way,


Somewhere over the rainbow... sunbursts shine... and the dreams that you dream of come one crystal at a time...☀️

Zoom in to healing crystal details! Gems of the earth with our stunning wire wrapped hand work detailing!

Gold with Green Kyanite - 

Green Kyanite is a healing crystal that connects us to natures and balances our heart chakra. Green is a color that helps heal grief and restore love. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum and our eyes do not need to make any adjustment to look at it which is why it is so soothing and restorative. Sunshine allows greenery to blossom so this is a fun combination. 

Silver with Blue Kyanite- 

Blue Kyanite is a high vibration healing crystal that dispels negative energy. It does not absorb any negative energy and does not need to be cleansed or cleared. Typically used to remove blockages in your energy field and orbit. This beauty is an amazing stone to use for attunement and meditation. The color blue represents the throat chakra and enhances communication. Kyanite is so powerful and works to balance all the chakras and energy bodies within us. It allows energy to move and flow within us and be expressed in the way we need. This aids the body in healing and the spiritual and psychic mind within us to develop and flourish.

Rose Gold with Pyrite - 

Pyrite is a very powerful healing crystal that provides luck and positive energy. It is very protective and nature and has a very strong energy pull. Pyrite is known to bring safety and help shield from any negative or energetic harm. Pyrite is associated with the earth since it has very strong mineral properties, making it grounding, protective and abundant. It is associated with success and prosperity get ready to shine with this unique fools gold effect. 

Gold with Mixed Healing Crystals - 

Fuchsite - For heart healing, love and mica like sparkle.
Blue Calcite - For tranquility and calm.
Pyrite - For success and luck and golden sparkle with grounding properties.
Clear Quartz - For strength and power. 
Citrine - For joy and abundance like sunshine. 
Rose Quartz - For peace, love, and healing.

Gold with one Mega Jumbo Clear Quartz Crystal-

For strength and power. You can find clear quartz to be the power source behind watch movements and computers, because it is that strong and can give a great surge of energy. Use this mega jumbo quartz to bring power, protection and strength to your space.


'Sprinkle' some fun into your life... Museum of Ice Cream in NYC. The color palette was on brand with Ariana Ost! 


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