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Our Destined Journey Into Wellness & Design...

Hello Hello, My initial instinct is to express gratitude for all of the support. We have been blown away by the amount of orders flooding in this season. Its like something just shifted and the magic is happening. For so long we worked mostly for private label and were behind the scenes in the process. Our background is in design service where we design, create and manufacture for retailers which we still do and love. However since we started the brand we dabbled in our own direct store and customer engagement building our name and putting our ideas and creations out into the world. I have felt so whole through all of the communication with clients, writing the thank you notes for each and every order and seeing with my own eyes what everyone has selected. Even with the growing volume I cannot help but go through each order so eager to see which design of ours you have chosen. Knowing the background and story behind each creation then seeing it resonate with people fulfills me in such a gratifying way. Thanks for the encouragement to keep designing, creating and manifesting. So you spoke and we are listening sharing the holiday gift guide based on best sellers. 
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Our crystal grids literally fly out of here like hotcakes we cannot stop wrapping crystals all day long. We have even needed extra hands to help us assemble these beauties. So much love goes into each and every piece. I will never forget the moment this design idea came to me... learning about crystals reading books and literature, one technique that kept showing up was crystal gridding and upon further investigation I realized the only way to do this was to put some crystals on a wooden board or loose crystals over your body. It made me think lets make this easier and pre set we are the experts and visionaries lets bring this healing art into as many spaces as possible. So thrilled to see our jewelry like set grids with ethically sourced crystals going into so many homes and offices worldwide.


Sound healing is literally the best way to bring your nervous system into harmony. John Beaulieu, founder of biosonics life mission is to tune the world and we are helping him! Use our crystal designs paired with tuning forks to find resonance and balance. Attune yourself into calm, balance and make life music to your ears. I just drove up to the catskills on a perfect winter wonderland day to do a video interview with John discussing all the science and emotional intelligence in sound healing, nature and crystals stay tuned for brilliant information and conversation!


Healing bath crystals are literally the most luxurious recharging experience to add to your bath-time ritual. The story of how this came to be... I was on a romantic vacation with my husband in St Barths and being me I needed to visit the French health food wellness store. Yes, we were staying at a hotel and did not need groceries but everywhere I travel my favorite thing to do is to see the local grocery stores. Of course I started stocking up on European muesli, lentils and other goodies when the storekeeper saw how into all natural things I was, she generously gave me some beauty sample packets. Upon getting back to the hotel I opened the packet and translated a German label to see that this was a packet of alkaline bath salts mixed with an array of ground crystals. I took a bath that night at the hotel with this and experienced magic, the sound of soothing ocean waves helped too! Upon getting back home I said this is the best idea ever, discussed it with our scientist friend John Beaulieu of biosonics and he explained the powerful effects water safe crystals have for bathing and voila this concept was born. We made this concept our own with our aesthetic and crystal design approach, we offer them as isolated crystals to fully choose which one resonates with you, in two formats powder vile and sachet, you can mix as many as suits you. We also skipped the salts since that is more common for people to already have at home and would dilute the pristine crystal we offer. We use ethically sourced crystals ground in the USA into powder and chips for this incredible beauty offering. 


I am so honored to be doing a video podcast with Sophia Gushee of Nontoxic Living. Sophia is a true inspiration pioneering in wellness by exposing environmental toxins found in our homes. She shares many ways to mitigate toxins. 




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